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Category Archives: God of surprises? how about three days of darkness and a rain of supernatural fire? Surprise!

Oh… Hai, Paganism… long time no hear from…

Bari Cathedral offers us the NewNewChurch liturgy. It was the summer solstice yesterday. Apparently the sun shines through the cathedral’s rose window way prettier on the summer solstice than on every other day. So they decided to offer a paraliturgy… … that included a barely-clothed

After Benedict, the deluge

For various reasons I’ve been digging around in my old blog posts from February 2013, and files and other things looking into the events that led up to the resignation of Pope Benedict and the election of his successor. I’ve had many, many (insert lots

What’s really going on in this picture?

Look at this pic for a moment: People who don’t think about things much, might look at this photo and think, “Well, they’re praying. And since the Church assures us that Muslims and Christians worship the same God, I guess it’s more or less OK.