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Category Archives: Is this the faith you’ll die for?

It’s not the same religion.

In a single photo, the Faith you’ll die for and… that other thing. What it’s really about. Seriously, is this getting to be a Thing now? “Brunchmesse” (Not the ’60s. November 2016) Apparently this is a Thing now too. Ya geddit? The layman gives Holy

No more kings for you, ungrateful frogs!

Well! I’m out of things for a little while and everyone gets delusions of grandeur! Apparently Pope Francis has been promoted to divine oracle. I’m back in Santa Marinella and I see that things are proceeding nicely along the expected lines. The latest comes from

Is this the faith you’d die for?

How about this? Francis praises major Humanae Vitae dissenter in rebuke of ‘white or black’ morality “I think Bernard Häring was the first to start looking for a new way to help moral theology to flourish again,” Time to choose. ~

The glories of secularism

Today the decree of canonization was issued for Saint Jose Sanchez Del Rio, the boy who would not deny Christ the King. Points to remember: the Catholic hierarchy of Mexico, the bishops, refused to support the Cristeros. The encyclical Quas primas, instituting the Feast of

On nuns and ex-popes

Just some further reading. I’ve been pretty busy in the last week or so doing stuff for $$ on the new nun document. You can read my first bit on it at the Remnant here. “I believe that one of the major causes of the