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Category Archives: Is this the faith you’ll die for?

A tale of two churches…

One of them, told by an idiot, full of blasphemy and heresy, signifying nothing… “The Pope goes beyond the categories of regular and irregular couples looking to persons” They really love this “goes beyond” stuff, don’t they? Remember what happened to Nietzsche when he tried

Symbolum Gaenswinianum

Symbolum Gaenswinianum: [to be sung at the end of Prime on the Feast of the Confustification. Because Prime is a minor hour, this antiphon is always semidoubled. If the Feast of the Confustification is celebrated in Eastertide, two Alleluias (which are really only one Alleluia)

Reason 123, 456

There are, in fact, nearly an infinite number of reasons Vatican II and all it spawned was the worst catastrophe the Christian world has experienced since the French Revolution. As many as there are or will be human souls, I guess. Perhaps one of the