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Category Archives: It’s not a conspiracy if it’s in the open

Like a polar bear in a Greenpeace meme…

the ground under the “conservative” position is melting away… Waking up yet? Shall I put a pot of coffee on? But slowly, the ground on which these ‘neoCatholics’ stand was being chipped away, until the only metric left to them has been the Church’s teaching

We’re well past “whistle-blowing”

Nowadays, they’re blowing their own whistles. As I think we’ve said, it’s not a conspiracy if they’re doing it in the open, sending out press releases and putting it on the websites. Giving Ted talks. There seems almost no point in “figuring out” what’s “going


I posited the other day that he hired Jameth Martin EthJay because Spadaro has blocked so many people no one can read him anymore. Oh wow. Antonio Look-at-me-wrong-&-I'll-block-you Spadaro has written a book about how wonderful the internet is for connecting us all. —