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Category Archives: Its the Pope Francis Show!

“God is Rohingya…” or some damn thing…

What he says doesn’t matter. The one thing we’ve learned is that reality doesn’t interest him in the least. “‘The presence of God today is called Rohingya,’ the Pope said after speaking to an interfaith audience in Bangladesh. “He did not use the term in

Papal Projection: I know you are, but what am I?

I think Pope Francis reads this blog! This just in from an Alert Reader: Pope Francis tells new bishops: the world is tired of ‘trendy’ priests “The world is tired of lying spellbinders and, allow me to say, ‘trendy’ priests or bishops. The people sniff

Vatican denies anything to see here…

Business as usual. So, Cardinal Sarah, whom we like, said something the other day like, “Gee, wasn’t it great when priests faced God to lead the people to Him in the Mass…” I mostly ignored it. I realize that people in the Vatican are a

Holy freaking hell!

No, it isn’t shopped. It was what they did at the “Jubilee for Teens” on Saturday. Because not only has reality become weirder than we can imagine, it’s gone completely frickin’ insane. I spend a day or two home with the flu and this happens!