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Perugia it is, then.

Well, that’s settled. I’ve been charging around, all over Umbria for three weeks – Norcia, Narni, Terni, Citta di Castello – and it’s finally come down to Perugia, and a small place in the country. It’s not fancy. It’s not posh or suburban. But it

Bad news and good news

I got an email from my realtor in Norcia who says my house has been declared “inagibile” by the civil engineers. There’s structural damage that wasn’t immediately evident when I was running about throwing the kitties in their carry-box. This means it’s going to be

Last days

Just some pics. The garden, wildflowers, a hike I took up Monte Patino with some friends days before the quakes started in August, and Norcia’s last  morning. Last days of the Peaceable Kingdom

Your donations

I just went to the local hardware store in Santa Marinella and bought 23 plug-in heaters for delivery to Norcia to help get people through the winter who have to stay in tents and small portable houses. I also bought a bag of batteries, don’t

Space heaters and other goods needed

Dear friends in Rome, many of the people of Norcia are facing winter in tents and caravans and need space heaters. If you have a spare one sitting about in your flat or house that you don’t use much, please consider donating it. Our friend

More art rescue and a very pointed question

#vigilidelfuoco #monumentsmen, i #caschirossi che salvano l'arte dalle rovine del #terremoto. Le immagini eccezionali di oggi a #Norcia — Vigili del Fuoco (@emergenzavvf) November 5, 2016 The vigili del fuoco rescuing precious art works from the ruins in Norcia. But here’s a thing: this

St. Benedict is still the patron of Norcia

  …and the patron of Europe. Let’s not forget it. Information on where people can donate directly to help with the rebuilding of Norcia: Finalmente, the e-address to make donations directly to the commune of Norcia for assistance to citizens and to help reconstruction. ON

Norcia update

Italy’s President Mattarella visits Norcia ~ I have heard from friends closer to the scene and here is what I know so far: \ The monks: – The monks, having set up a kind of camp monastery up the hill are OK, and aren’t very

In Rome and safe as houses

Thank God for friends! This was what I saw when I dashed out of the Grotta Azzura hotel. I didn’t know this video was being made. My first run must have been no more than about two minutes after the quake. I was running to