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If it bleeds it leads

Site stats for the month. I just commented on Twitter: I must say, the devastating earthquake has made for a nice break from the horrors of the Pope Francis Show. — Hilary White (@Hilarityjane66) August 30, 2016 Some of the townspeople have told me that

Ut Laetificet Cor

This is my town. Scenes from our 4-year #brewery anniversary, celebrating #BirraNursia and our #Catholic faith. Ut Laetificet Cor. — The Monks of Norcia (@monksofnorcia) August 20, 2016 Was doing housework all day. Almost forgot. Buzzed down the hill and got to the Piazza

Happy Star Wars Day, everybody

You have my permission to take a day off and sit down with the DVDs and watch the whoooooooole thing. To get you in the mood, here’s all the explosions from all the movies, because, let’s face it, that’s what we love most. (Die-hard anti-prequel