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Category Archives: the Old Faith

Only holiness counts

A priest speaks: Only Holiness subverts this mess in the Church I’m no longer worried, or scared to speak my mind as charitably as is possible, over a man – and group of men – who are given over to, and in some cases filled

Sing along with the squares

(Mostly it’s just any excuse possible to post my favouritest Catholic pic evah!) Found a neat YT site with the words and the little squares together so you can sing along. This is what a Mass for All Souls is supposed to look like. That

An atheist describes the spiritual life

This is Alain de Boton, the only atheist philosopher I like. He’s talking about the errors of modernity over “romantic love”. But transpose everything he says from the realm of looking for a spouse to the relationship of the soul with God. This describes the

Feast of the Precious Blood

Everyone who tries, even a little bit, to live a liturgically-ordered life, especially anyone who tries to make a habit of saying the Divine Office, in whole or in part, will know just how incredibly screwed up everything is. Trying to keep up a regular