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Hermeneutic of whatity?

Crux having a bit of fun: “Since Francis is in continuity with tradition, his critics aren’t” Benedict XVI, in his latest book interview with Peter Seewald, admits himself that he was on the so-called “progressive” side during Vatican II, and the accusations of modernism and

A brief note on comments

If you leave a comment and it doesn’t appear, it’s usually going to be because of the moderation process, which consists mainly of me scrolling as rapidly as possible through the hundreds and hundreds of spams, clicking “Approve” when I spot one that looks like

No more flying, ever

So, I’ve pretty much decided not to fly anywhere anymore. Ever again. Ever. I just got back from a trip up to Germany to help out a friend who was coming down to Rome for an academic conference, so I went up to his place

Prayer and fasting

(Image via the Daily Disaster List) Today’s list of little shakes, up to nine thirty this morning, includes a not-so-little one. I have found that you can feel anything over 3.0 and in fact you can even hear them coming towards you, like waves, from