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Disqus sucks, Part 2

So, I turned off Disqus and discovered that the built-in WP comments thing is worthless. And without Disqus filtering spam, we’ve been getting dozens of spam messages per post every day and it was depressing and disappointing. For today’s example, of 15 comments four were

Disqus sucks: housekeeping notes

Well, y’all may have noticed that the comments thingy is different. I discovered that Disqus had taken it upon itself to install some kind of hideous adverts at the bottom of every post. This was not something I would ever have wanted and as soon

Please Stand By

Hilary’s webmaster here. She’s experiencing some technical difficulties getting to the site from her location. It’s my professional opinion as a webmaster that this is the Internet’s fault. She asked me to let you know that regular pope-bashing will resume shortly.