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What a Silly Lash!

~ My husband, whose conversion to Catholicism was greatly eased by his discovery of the Traditional Latin Mass, is a bit of a Latinist, so he fussed and spluttered when he came across this amusing passage in an interview with His Grace the Archbishop of

Hanging with the cool kids in the #RosicaBlockParty

Yep, it took us long enough, but both @WUWTS and @Hilarityjane66 have joined the Catholic bad kids’ in Twitter’s smoke pit at #RosicaBlockParty WhatsupwiththeSynod? ‏@WUWTS 3h3 hours ago Friends, @WUWTS has FINALLY joined the #RosicaBlockParty. Took us long enough. It was getting embarrassing. #SynodSham #SynodWalkout

New horror: The Neverending Synod

Get used to it folks, Fr. Lombardi was asked questions about the process of the Synod after a suggestion was reported that, in the future, Synod Assemblies be longer processes which begin with continental meetings first. This means that issues would be more focused and