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The Rap Sheet

I’ve just decided that we are going to be keeping a running tab on heresies and/or insane uncatholic nonsense coming out of the Synod from actual bishops. A simple bullet pointed list that will let anyone know at a glance who said what and when,

Papal Non-Sequiturs

Here at codebreaker central, Pope Francis’s statements on the Synod on the Family have already brought out some his most beloved non sequiturs. They deserve some thorough undoing, because if we don’t undo them, His Holiness will have you caught up in knots. I do

And they’re off!

From Rorate Caeli Synod, first day: “Unacceptable” – the danger of the Great Division has arrived A follow-up on the procedural rigging created by Cardinal Baldisseri and Archbishop Forte (and the other Bergoglian strongmen) for the 2015 Synod. The Synod has officially opened today (right