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My Big Giant Stick Castle

I was going to write something today… Really I was. But about lunch time I had to go catch the post office before it closed to pay the gas bill, and when I got home it was just so lovely out – sunny, breezy, cool,

The Purge in Saginaw

So, you know that whole “purge” thingy I’ve been talking about? Let’s do a little shot/chaser theme today… Shot: The Vatican: They’re Doing This On Purpose Today I had a conversation with a lady who is involved in a Thing to set up some kind


OK, so, people seem to think I’m antiAmerican. I’m not. In fact, I’m American. My maternal grandfather was from Waco, Texas. So, I’m not just American, I’m the kind of American that all the nancy-boy commies from New York are scared of. That said, I’m