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The Hell of Bishops


I write this with “fear and trembling”. I am a poor, miserable sinner and I am a priest who shall one day render an account “for every idle word,” and an account for the souls entrusted to me.

Much, much greater is the responsibility of a bishop. He is personally responsible for the preaching and teaching of all priests and deacons who give a Sunday homily in his diocese. They cannot speak a word without the authority that the bishop-ordinary gives them. And I am only mentioning one of the many and grave duties of a successor of the Apostles.

Here is a word of Blessed Abbot Marmion, whose feast was about a week ago, that is filled with grace and a warning for us all:

Here is another terrifying aspect of the pains of hell: the lost soul is given over to the power of the demons. The nature of these spirits, which is absolutely simple, has been irrevocably deformed. They are entirely evil; their only occupation is to hate and to injure. Although, here on earth, their power is restricted, Holy Scripture describes them none the less as beings to be feared “like lions seeking whom they may devour” (I Pet 5:8). But, in hell, where the damned, abandoned by God, are given entirely into their power, into this exterior darkness, in hell the devils have free play. They cast themselves upon their prey to plague them without respite, to inflict upon them indescribable evils.

Their implacable fury is concentrated especially on the Christian, for in him they see the image of the Man-God. And if the damned soul be that of a priest, its torments will be augmented beyond all description.

In the priest, Satan sees one who formerly, in the name of Jesus Christ, had the mission of thwarting his reign among men. Formerly he was obliged to respect him on account of the priestly character imprinted on his soul. Now that the priest is fallen. rejected by God and deprived of all his power. the devil makes him his plaything.

The mere thought of being thus abandoned without any protection and for all eternity to the rage of the devil is sufficient to chill us with fear. From the bottom of my heart I appeal to you in the name of Jesus Christ: Vigilate: Be vigilant!

And if a bishop were silent before the promotion of a sin that “cries out to heaven for vengeance”? Or, if here coddling it and defending it?

O my Jesus, pardon us. Snatch us from the fires of Hell. Draw all souls to Heaven, and help especially those in most need (literal translation of prayer given to us by Our Lady at Fatima).


17 thoughts on “The Hell of Bishops”

  1. @FMShyanguya says:

    I dread, I dread, for the Pope.
    I pray, I pray, I pray, for the Pope.
    – See the rest of my post here:

  2. Lynda says:

    It is not walking away but upping the ante – refusing to even appear to cooperate with evil, and calling pope and his heretical cohorts out on their opposition to the Deposit of Faith. It is a positive action.

  3. Lynda says:

    They are enemies of the Faith – have been for a very long time.

  4. @FMShyanguya says:

    It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. – Cf. Heb 10:31

  5. texasknight says:

    Pray for all of our priests. From Casti Connubii regarding contraception:
    57. We admonish, therefore, priests who hear confessions and others who have the care of souls, in virtue of Our supreme authority and in Our solicitude for the salvation of souls, not to allow the faithful entrusted to them to err regarding this most grave law of God; much more, that they keep themselves immune from such false opinions, in no way conniving in them. If any confessor or pastor of souls, which may God forbid, lead the faithful entrusted to him into these errors or should at least confirm them by approval or by guilty silence, let him be mindful of the fact that he must render a strict account to God, the Supreme Judge, for the betrayal of his sacred trust, and let him take to himself the words of Christ: “They are blind and leaders of the blind: and if the blind lead the blind, both fall into the pit.” Matthew 15:14

  6. MSApis says:

    Thank you for posting this, Father. I note with interest that you leave out the words “of mercy” at the end of the Fatima prayer. Although now almost universal in the saying of the Rosary, they were a later addition.

  7. dbwheeler says:

    I agree. As it is these bishops are tacitly giving their assent. Had the SSPX not left they would never have survived the insane onslaught of the dancing dervishes. As it is they’ve protected that which was holy and the Latin Mass is been growing again through their diligence and faithfulness. This pope is a disgrace to all the popes who went before him. Most of all I wish he would be struck dumb… Even for an hour!

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  10. HRpuffinstuff says:

    Guest, I respectfully disagree. Declining to participate in propagation of evil propositions requires a spine (and other bits). Leaving a Synod to make a statement isn’t the same as leaving the Church. If faithful Fathers removed themselves it would speak volumes to the Pope, the Faithful, and the World – and could lead to an outpouring of support from the Faithful which would force the Bishops to adhere to the timeless teachings of Our Lord and His Church.

  11. catholicguy says:

    What we have being created before our eyes, introduced by collegiality through the Second Vatican Council, is a Soviet church. If pastoral applications contrary to doctrine are given over to National Bishop Conferences, it will essentially create national “catholic” churches.
    Soviet means Council. They’re making a Soviet church.

  12. Michael Dowd says:

    Why don’t they get it? Is it a loss of faith? We must pray for them always.

  13. Dan says:

    Thank You, Father

  14. mary_podlesak says:

    Thank you Father for a reality check.

  15. Barbara says:

    Here’s a link to an essay by Solzhenitsyn which is a guide to ‘how we got here.’ He’s talking, of course, about the Soviet but there is a beginning to all totalitarianism and he describes it well. Something to think about as we see lies become newtruth right before our eyes.

  16. Guest says:

    “And if a bishop were silent before the promotion of a sin that “cries out to heaven for vengeance”? Or, if here coddling it and defending it?”

    Indeed, this is why walking away from the synod was not only about the dumbest idea possible, but also would have been sinful.

    “I’m outta here, and I’m taking my purse and Latin language with me!” was pretty much what SSPX said when they left the Catholic Church.

  17. John Patrick says:

    And to do this in one’s own diocese, but to be picked to come to Rome and be an instrument to bring it to the whole world, and even have a turn at the press conference, yikes.

  18. Barbara says:

    Father, what you write has chilled me too. How easily we say sometimes in our comments ‘oh, I’m a sinner too,…and then go on to make our point. You say in your piece that priests have a particularly hard time in Hell. And Christians too?

    Question for myself: when I confess my sins, exactly what am I putting in place to insure my purpose of amendment is real? Do I continually say “oh, yeah, I’m a sinner..” It’s almost like a faithful Catholic badge.

    Each day is the only day.

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