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“Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers… that smell bad”

“Listen to me carefully, Norman… I’m lying… ”

So, the pope says that people who believe in “absolute truth” are fundamentalists, and that’s evil…but that’s a statement of an absolute truth… so it must be evil and fundamentalist to say that believing in absolute truth is evil and fundamentalist because it is a statement of absolute truth, but there is no such thing as absolute truth but that is a statement of …

Illogical! illogical! Norman coordinate!!!


Why were the writers of Star Trek smarter than the pope is now?

Wait…. I have an easier question…


It just bugs me, is all.


Update: lots and lots of people talking about this. The Remnant saying plainly, “What’s it going to take, people?” John Henry Westen connecting a few dots

I think a summary could be made: “Catholic fundamentalists – those wackos in mantillas squeezing their beads and singing in Latin are godless heathens and the same as Islamic fundamentalists cutting people’s heads off; condoms are OK but not really as big a problem as war and climate change.

“Also, I’m just like Jesus.”

Did I get it?

What do I win?