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The charismatic movement: a howling wasteland of starving, gibbering idiots

Just for the record…

Someone asked me today what I thought of the “Charismatic movement” in the Church.

“A charismaniac friend of mine tells me that mass with his ‘community’ tends toward two hours long because of periods of private prayer and contemplation after readings and communion.

What do you think of this?”

I respond:

“I think that yodelling in gibberish has never been identified by any spiritual writer as either ‘prayer’ or ‘contemplation’. And I think that people in the charismatic ‘community’ are mostly severely mentally and/or socially damaged folk who mostly can’t find their heads with both hands and a GPS and can’t be trusted not to fall into demon worship. I think the charismaniac movement in the Church is a result of bishops not giving a shit about their flocks’ desperate need for real spirituality, and deliberately starving the sheep until they’ll eat acorns and tulip bulbs just to survive.

“Everything I’ve seen of the ‘charismatic’ movement seems to involve the slightly less damaged and helpless, and therefore more successfully predatory, using the vast, savage and waterless wasteland of modern pseudospirituality as a hunting ground for weak and sickly prey. A manifestation of the stupid and often-evil leading the blind, lost, desperate and starving into a scummy alleyway and robbing them of everything they need to survive, beating the crap out of them and then tossing a wad of Canadian Tire money onto their barely breathing form.”

I went to a few charismaniac things in Halifax, back in the day, and the day they decided that, because the young immigrant fellow from Poland hadn’t yet been “given the gift of tongues” that he must be possessed, and that they would immediately start an exorcism was the day I got outta there as fast as my wee legs would carry me. When I butted in and said that this was very strictly forbidden to do by laypeple, and extremely dangerous, I was told, “Oh, that’s just a bunch of Church bullshit. We’ve got the Holy Spirit.”

I legged it. If I’d had an ounce of charity in my wretched soul at the time, I would have grabbed the young idiot by the scruff of the neck and dragged him bodily out of there.

But I didn’t. God forgive me.

As for Charismaticism, I’ve never come across anything that more brazenly stank of Stan.


26 thoughts on “The charismatic movement: a howling wasteland of starving, gibbering idiots”

  1. Huw Mack says:

    Charismatics, Opus Dei, Neo-Catecumenal Way, Focolare, Anglo-Catholics, etc., etc. What a state the modern church is to behold indeed!

    This is what The Vatican Councils opened up for the new catholic paradigm of faith – religious freedom; supposed royal priesthood of the laity; collegially run church; resignation of the papacy of its responsibilities and dereliction of duty; new protestant style liturgy the novus ordo which has introduced novelties galore together with myriads of abominations and a twisting of liturgical theology from sacrifice to a memorial meal; priests have become presbyters or presiders, while the new papacy seeks to deconstruct Sacred Roman Catholic Tradition into a liberal modernist pantheism rooted in ecumenism and interconfessionalism. Moral and religious relativism under the aegis of individualistic anthropological phenomenology has replaced authoritative interpretation of Holy Scriptures as well as clear espousal of orthodox doctrine.

    Looking at the current chief statistical indicators of the contemporary neo-catholic church it resembles a bombsite wasteland with nothing much that is recognisable from its robust and self-confident pre-conciliar counterpart, as Pope John XXIII testified, that is just prior to his disastrous decision to open the windows of the church to a little fresh air. All he allowed in through the openings were auto-demolition and the smoke of Satan in the sanctuary as the failed liberal modernist Pope Paul VI sorrowfully recognised.

    Since then affairs have worsened daily, leaving a sect-ridden, endemically divided and thoroughly disorientated institution riven by sexual perversion, financial fraud and de facto schism within that has nothing at all to do with Roman Catholicism. The enemy within, admirably identified, criticised and defeated by the proactive holy Pope St Pius X in “Pascendi Dominici Gregis” as liberal modernism, has sown its seeds of chaos and destruction.


  2. Hilary White says:

    Hi Julie, Yes, I became an oblate of the monastery a year ago, and I attend the Office every day. It’s the reason I moved here. And it is lovely. More than I can say. Here are two links to my personal blog about life in Norcia. and being a Benedictine oblate. Lots of pictures.

  3. ecclesiam says:

    Well charismatic worship is about as spiritually nourishing as Laurel and Hardy, but it still seems a little unfair to blame Stan for everything.

  4. julienorvan says:

    wish I lived closer I would offer to come and help you! I am a gardener and have several gardens I work on, including a vegetable garden in a community garden. I bet you can grow lots of great things in your garden as Italy has so much sun and wonderful soil?

  5. julienorvan says:

    Hillary do you know the monks at the benedictine monastery there in Norcia? I have their recent CD of the Marian antiphons in Gregorian chant and it is lovely. I would love to visit them some day, do you go there yourself? How close are you to their monastery? Do you have any pics of your place to share? Thanks! It has always been my dream to live in Italy, and I did live there for about 6 months when I was 17, in Fiesole, near Florence. It was so wonderful, unforgetable! Ciao!

  6. Hilary White says:

    Well, it’s a bit of a mess at the moment. I’m still working on getting things ready. There’s piles of stuff everywhere. .

  7. julienorvan says:

    Pinpointing the depravity of charismanania perfectly! Wish I could chant the Latin brevity with you and see your beautiful garden in St Benedict’s home town ! How I love Italy…my true home …my heart is still there. Adio!

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  10. MrRightWingDave says:

    Yes, I agree. I wanted to share the anecdote, but I also realize it’s one of those “I heard it from a guy who’s cousin’s best friend….” kind of stories.

  11. Remnant Clergy says:

    The Charismatic Movement is from the devil. It is the Protestant way to reinvent confirmation.

  12. Burt says:

    The so called charismatic renewal movement is just another bad fruit of Vatican II and ecumania.
    It’s not remotely Catholic. Just another aspect of those busy protestantizing the Church.
    In times of sanity it would have been railed in.
    There’s a YouTube vid of John Vennari discussing the issue with the good, late Father Gruner where he related the amusing story of a lady who was invited to a charismatic meeting of some kind who was told they were going to be speaking in tongues that night. When she declared she might not be comfortable with that because she didn’t do that, her friend told her all you have to do is repeatedly murmur “Tie a bow tie untie a bow tie… tie a bow tie untie a bow tie” fast.
    It was funny when John Venarri did his impression.

  13. Dymphna says:

    My husband and I went to a Mass that turned out to be Charismatic. They had pillows and blankets for those who got caught up in the spirit and fainted. They also had the ushers standing ready to catch anyone falling and ladies to kindly pull your skirt down if it flew up while you were thrashing around. I sat there and wondered “What kind of *%$@ is this? This is NOT Catholic.” We have never gone back to that parish.

  14. Hilary White says:

    This is a very old urban legend and has been going around almost as long as the charismaniac movement in the Church. I don’t suppose, however, that just for that reason it’s untrue.

  15. Carolann says:

    Thank-you Hilary. You are so right. Years ago I attended a couple of Catholic Charismatic prayer groups. All I have to say is that it was creepy. I didn’t mean to judge the intentions of those participating but I felt a disturbance or an uneasiness. My loving husband of 32 years got us out of there.

  16. inara says:

    I’ve heard quite a few anecdotes lately of people attending charismatic events & walking out in shock because the “speaking in tongues” they heard was actually cursing & blaspheming in a language unknown to the participants, but that the visitors were fluent in.

  17. Hatchetwoman says:

    One of my friends (may God rest his soul) used to come into a chatroom and say, “Hey, all of you! What kind of Catholics are you?! If you aren’t casting out demons and speaking in tongues and having the holy glue, you’re dissing the Holy Spirit!” He couldn’t stand Charismania!

  18. Jim J. McCrea says:

    Those in the Charismatic movement think that only with that are you fully in the Spirit, whereas regular Sunday worship is half dead. However, that is based upon the erroneous notion that emotionalism is the true sign of the Holy Spirit.

  19. TMJ says:

    Is this what you really believe? Surely you’re holding back!

    I don’t want to dump on the poor Charismatics because I have family members that have been caught up in it since the groovy ’70s. I’ll only say a few things that they would agree with, such as:

    Liturgical rules that get in the way of the Spirit should be ignored.
    Everyone needs the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (it’s not the same as the Sacrament of Baptism in case you’re wondering).
    It doesn’t matter if you’re Catholic, just so long as you love Jesus.

    That last one has predictably led most of my family leaving for Protestant sects that can be as charismatic as they want and no stinkin’ rules to get in the “way of the Spirit.” And I might mention all the contraception they could ever want. Tragic.

    My lent is offered for them. May Mary intervene in their lives to bring them back to the True Church. May their false charismatic “gifts” be seen for the counterfeits that they are.

  20. Brian Miles says:

    Literally gibbering; senseless hyper-emotional gibbering; truly bizarre.

  21. MrRightWingDave says:

    I heard a story, I think it was on “Mic’d Up” on Church Militant, about a priest who happened in on a “charismatic” service. He stood in the back, and listened to one guy back there babbling. This priest was trained and fluent in several different languages. At the end of the service, he asked the man, “do you know what you were saying in there?”, the man replied that he didn’t, because he didn’t have the “gift” of interpretation. The priest then informed him that he was blaspheming the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Greek, Latin, and I think Italian.

  22. Fr. Richard Heilman says:

    I had similar experiences that made me head for the hills.

  23. Chloe says:

    Well said Hilary!

    A story I was told by a priest years ago. He was at a charismatic renewal thing in a convent. A woman started to ‘speak in tongues’. It sounded so beautiful everyone was mesmerised, except one man. He asked the company if they understood Portuguese? They said they didn’t. He told them that he did and that the woman was coming out with the most abominable stream of fifth. He suggested they stop her. Which they did, with difficulty. She had no idea what she was saying as she didn’t understand Portuguese either. It scared him. It scares me and it should scare everyone.

  24. schmenz says:

    Beautifully, brilliantly stated.

  25. Ana Milan says:

    I agree with you. PF is all for them, which is an indicator. When they would try & grab my hand when the Our Father was being said at Holy Mass I would chuck it away. I then noticed others doing the same so that practice died out very quickly in my part of Spain. I think they became like a mix of Baptists & Quakers, certainly nothing truly Catholic about them.

  26. Maggie says:

    There is a great danger within this movement. But didn’t the present pontiff himself kneel to be ‘blessed’ by charismatics?

  27. Vox Cantoris says:

    A friend once urged me to attend at Mass in Toronto, at St.Timothy’s. A healing Mass with the priests of the now defunct Children of the Lamb or something like that. Well, every time the choir finished singing something they started babbling…after the third time that they did this, I said aloud enough for the women in the pew in front to hear, “St. MIchael the Archangel, defend us in battle..” It was not planned on my part but it was almost, instinctive. I take that, as a gift of the Holy Spirit. The woman turned and said, “you don’t believe” and I said, “no, nor does St. Michael!”

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