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Dose crap-priests, doe…

Hey, remember when I said that Jorge’s stupid and dangerous remark that people could just kind of come into the confessional and mutely think or grunt their confessions and all the priest had to do would be to wave his magic priest-hand and say the words and it’s all done, was going to be snapped up by a lot of priests who hate hearing confessions/don’t give a shit about souls?

This is what I was talking about.

True story from a friend in Canada. In Ontario.

I took my wretched son and wretched self to confession today at the advertised time before Mass. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. The priest didn’t show up. I went and found him. No, he wouldn’t be hearing confessions today at the time his bulletin and website says. No, not after mass either. Tomorrow.

Now never mind that there was a line up of people who had, say, used up their lunch breaks, or driven here, or paid bus or taxi fare. That’s okay. That’s just being a dick in natural terms, but here’s where it crossed into the eternal. There was one chap there who had asked me if this was the place where “they celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation”.

He didn’t sound to me like he confesses regularly.

I went back and told him what the priest had told me, and said he should come back tomorrow.

I hope he does come back. If he doesn’t, that priest is so fucked, before the awesome tribunal of Christ.

My friend adds, Please say a prayer that the guy will in fact come back tomorrow. And I would add, please say another one that that worthless ordained meatsack doesn’t get hit by a bus before he has a miraculous conversion.


6 thoughts on “Dose crap-priests, doe…”

  1. Aloysius Gonzaga says:

    The priest was probably doing something very important – like watching TV or surfing the Internet.

  2. Maggie says:

    In a former parish, the gay pastor hated to hear confessions. He hired a retired priest to do them. And if asked during the week by some poor sinner to hear a confession, he would refuse. One time there was the big ‘penance service’ for Lent and father had to excuse himself for an ’emergency’. That was a lie because the so called emergency was to a homebound lady that I visited and had asked the priest to come and anoint 6 weeks before.
    Now I live in a town where two parishes not only have two daily Masses with confessions either before or after each one but one parish has confessions 6 days a week and the other 7.
    It is a serious sin for a priest to refuse to hear a requested confession.

  3. Hilary White says:

    I was a parish secretary for a couple of years and it’s surprisingly important to be as intimidating as possible. And being a “blocker” is often necessary.

  4. Fr. J says:

    As far as parish secretaries, it’s not always their fault. The way the pastor or priests can be behind the scenes to their office staff often affects the demeanor of the secretary. Sometimes “pit bull secretaries” are in place because the pastor/priests want them to be like that as “guards” or because they are jerks to the office staff and the staff isn’t looking for any trouble with their bossman.

  5. Fr Ken Bolin says:

    I am so sorry for that horrible experience. I can tell you that I’ve heard confessions before and after Mass, while walking to the Church or chapel, or anywhere else someone needed to confess. You did the right thing, and the priest was horribly wrong. I admire your faithfulness, and I pray that you may find a way to re-establish a daily Mass attendance routing again in the future.

  6. Aaron Traas says:

    Confessions are another reason to seek a traditional parish. They always make it a priority.

    Most of the issues I’ve had in the past with finding a priest to confess to were actually by the parish secretary or similar. I’d call to try to make an appointment, and the lady on the phone would say something like “we don’t do appointments for confession. Why can’t you possibly make it on our posted schedule on Saturday from 3:43pm-3:55pm like a normal rube.”

    I used to go to daily mass at a parish that was a 5 minute’s walk from where I worked at the time. One day, I was unworthy for communion, and I waited after mass to see if I could catch the priest for confession. He then chastised me for not receiving communion. He told me that the fact that I was in a church willingly was proof that I didn’t have mortal sin on my soul, and if he ever caught me in the pews again during communion time, he’d walk up to me and exhort me to receive.

    I never went back, and have never been able to consistently go to daily mass since.

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