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The Philippines Bishops Conference issued a statement today saying,

After collective discernment, your bishops will come up with more concrete guidelines on the implementation of the Apostolic Exhortation. But mercy cannot wait. Mercy should not wait. Even now, bishops and priests must open welcoming arms to those who have kept themselves out of the Church because of a sense of guilt and of shame. The laity must do no less. When our brothers and sisters who, because of broken relations, broken families and broken lives, stand timidly at the doors of our churches – and of our lives – unsure whether they are welcome or not, let us go out to meet them, as the Pope urges us to, and assure them that at the table of sinners at which the All-Holy Lord offers himself as food for the wretched, there is always room. O res mirabilis manducat Dominum pauper, servus et humilis…O wonderful reality that the poor, the slave and the lowly should partake of the Lord. This is a disposition of mercy, an openness of heart and of spirit that needs no law, awaits no guideline, nor bides on prompting. It can and should happen immediately.”

Nope, no subtext under here.

Though for some reason, Steve seems to be losing his shit.

To the average person — or the willing priest or bishop — it doesn’t matter that the exhortation didn’t change doctrine. If they’re given permission to ignore doctrine through “pastoral” justifications, they will.”

Yeah, it’s fine. Everyone is going to take into account the finer points of Catholic doctrine and praxis, the details of the Dogma of Infallibility, the nuances and distinctions between the levels of authoritativeness of different kinds of papal statements.

It’s gonna be great.


New church for all!


18 thoughts on “NOTHING TO SEE HERE…dammit!”

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  2. Padre says:

    Ms. White, not sure what you mean by ‘regularized’, but the following are a couple of paragraphs taken from the book “Deliver Us. . . a religious cult vs Richmond, NH. ” Amazon .
    “Marie Knowlton, publisher of the town’s newsletter, The Richmond Rooster, publicized the response to her from the Diocese in the May, 2004 issue . The response was from the Rev. Edward Arsenault, Chancellor, and stated in part : ‘ I can assure you that the St. Benedict Center has no relationship with the Diocese of Manchester and, in this regard, is not approved by the Catholic Church in any way. Any representations to the contrary are simply not true. ‘ page 29
    “As recently as March, 2012, the new Bishop of Manchester, Bishop Peter Libasci, responded to Terri O’Rorke through Diane Quinlan, Chancellor, regarding the canonical status of SBC. The message was the same, no canonical or official standing in the diocese for SBC or the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. ” page 30

  3. Hilary White says:

    I believe they have been regularized, and have been for quite a long time.

  4. Padre says:

    Just caught your comment on ( Priest visiting SBC). Most people are unaware the St. Benedict Center is canonically unrecognized by the NH Roman Catholic Diocese and the universal church.

  5. Dr. Mabuse says:

    Oh, who knows what he “actually” thinks? He’s always playing one role or another, depending on who he’s trying to impress. When he talks about the devil, he’s playing the wise old peasant grandpa, with calloused hands and simple faith. It’s just an act.

  6. HRpuffinstuff says:

    @Jude – my wife and I are converts and feel exactly that way. We dealt a significant blow toward relations with extended family who (religiously at least) consider us “fallen” . . . and now we’re told IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER. IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER. We know it matters and know we did the right thing but there are definitely times these days when I think – what the hell did we get ourselves into?

  7. GracieLou says:

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  8. GracieLou says:

    Do we HAVE to be nice to the ganganelli’s of the world right now? Can’t we just cut the middleman and go full St. Nick?

  9. Guest says:

    The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

  10. Nac says:

    This is doubly difficult to oppose in the Philippines because respect for elders is such a strong natural instinct for us Filipinos. To oppose a bishop who is a church father is practically unthinkable. I don’t know what I can do to stand against this terrible offense against the body and blood of the Lord.

  11. Hilary White says:

    Actually no. You’re doing it right. Just not as right as possible. The manuals on moral theology all agree that “imperfect contrition” – that is, fear of hell, is sufficient. It’s not going to make you a saint by itself, but it’s a place to start.

  12. bosco49 says:

    I had to laugh at the cartoon of the dog enjoying its coffee in hell, Hilary. It reminded me of this snippet from The Simpsons when Homer is consigned to hell and forced to eat doughnuts throughout eternity (presumably for his gluttony):


  13. chris says:

    Just to throw this out: pope Francis is unique among most liberals in that he actually thinks the devil exists…. But personal sin is downplayed, everything is forgivable, and judas was a victim of the interpreters of the law. How does this all jive?the pope who holds up judas…yeah.

  14. ganganelli says:

    What a horrible reason to become a Catholic. If your primary reason for converting is not for the love of God but because you think you need to run an obstacle course to avoid going to Hell, you’re doing it wrong.

  15. RuariJM says:

    Was he a Seventh Day Adventist?

  16. Jude says:

    I have two people in my life who converted and can not believe the utter crap that Francis spews each day. According to what he has said, they could have stayed protestant and agnostic, because we are all getting to the same place. No sin, just mercy.

  17. Barbara says:

    This from Bishop Schneider a while back:

    “Non possumus!” I will not accept an obfuscated speech nor a skilfully masked back door to a profanation of the Sacrament of Marriage and Eucharist. Likewise, I will not accept a mockery of the Sixth Commandment of God. I prefer to be ridiculed and persecuted rather than to accept ambiguous texts and insincere methods. I prefer the crystalline “image of Christ the Truth, rather than the image of the fox ornamented with gemstones” (Saint Irenaeus), for “I know whom I have believed”, “Scio, Cui credidi!” (2 Tim 1: 12). (Rorate Coeli, 2 Novembre 2015).

    Nice contrast to Cardinal Burke’s mew.

  18. Barbara says:

    First thing I was inspired to do this morning was re-read Saint Leonard of Port Maurice’s “The Little Number of Those Who Are Saved.” This holy preacher uses Scripture and the words of Saints, Doctors and Fathers of the Church to hammer home that we are completely responsible if we are damned. This is terrifying and more so because we can watch the rush to the abyss on youtube. Reading Saint Leonard’s clear exhortation makes a nice contrast to “the document.”

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