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Posso/potrei, potay-to, potah-to…

So, LSN apparently reads me, but I guess I’m too much the Bad Kid these days to get a link. But, whatevs.

Today we have the update that not only has the Vatican website not corrected the “mistake” in their Italian transcription of the pope’s remarks on the plane, they’ve put up an English version with the same “mistake” that also includes a very interesting new take:

Francis Rocca of The Wall Street Journal mentioned the recent Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation and asked whether or not has been any change in the discipline concerning reception of the sacraments by the divorced and remarried.

I could say “yes” and leave it at that.

[Wow, that’s a lot to get out of “Ehhh… Io posso dire ‘si.’ Punto. Ma sarebbe…”]

But that would be too brief a response. I recommend that all of you read the presentation made by Cardinal Schönborn, a great theologian. He is a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and he knows the Church’s teaching very well. Your question will find its answer in that presentation. Thank you.

No, no. Thank you!

Just in case you haven’t watched it enough…

Also interesting is that the official Vatican website took out all the actual wordings of all the reporters’ questions and replaced them with paraphrases.

Also, also, the same transcription/translation “mistake” is in all the other languages too.

That’s how you send reality down the memory hole.


2 thoughts on “Posso/potrei, potay-to, potah-to…”

  1. Brian Miles says:

    The mask slipped a bit too much apparently. What to do? Why lie and deceive, of course.

  2. Chris Ferrara says:

    There is all the difference in the world between I can (posso) and I could or would (potrei). Francis said posso. End of story.

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