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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Parolin and the Church of Traitors

According to Chris Ferrara, Francis’ Prime Minister, Pietro Parolin (another formerly “conservative” weathervane,) has sold out the Catholic Church in China to the communist regime that wants them dead. Wait, that sentence wasn’t clear. I meant, Parolin has sold out the persecuted Catholics in China

If it bleeds it leads

Site stats for the month. I just commented on Twitter: I must say, the devastating earthquake has made for a nice break from the horrors of the Pope Francis Show. — Hilary White (@Hilarityjane66) August 30, 2016 Some of the townspeople have told me that

Feudalism 101 – how community works

If this were the 13th century, the Bianconi family would be the feudal lords. They own four of the five hotels in Norcia, including one with a Michelin-star restaurant. All their employees are about the happiest people I’ve ever met. The other night, some friends

Fun with geology!

Look what you get from Google when you just put map coordinates and nothing else into the search. Interesting, eh? So, we were sitting around having some fun with geology. Big aftershock a few minutes ago, about 4.7 according to the Italian earthquake website, that

This morning’s Mass in Norcia

  A local agritourismo has kindly invited the monks to set up a temporary chapel in one of their refurbished buildings. It was hardly touched by the earthquake, and is very suitable, though of course quite small setting. The owners gave us a nice spread