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Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout it…

Frank Walker has some more thoughts on this that are difficult to disagree with.

I’m hearing lately that we need to stifle these bubbling doubts about Francis actually being the pope. Ann Barnhardt maintains that he is an anti-pope since he resigned under an erronious dual-pope understanding. Benedict felt that he would continue as sort of a contemplative co-pope, therefore his abdication is invalid. Louie Verrecchio and Antonio Socci both make the same case without coming to final conclusions. There is also the issue of pressure, something which would naturally be hard to clearly prove. Finally, there’s that St. Gallen group: the existence of an illegal and organized movement of cardinals to install Francis prior to and outside the conclave.

Benedict appears to have left under pressure but it’s a difficult thing to prove. The most powerful indicators are the fact that a worldly prince and a heretic was selected to follow him, and that he appears to be under some type of confinement and control today. Francis is the kind of man who would follow a putsch, and this nuBenedict we keep seeing via third party does not sound anything like himself. Instead he seems poorly scripted, muddled, and much more like Tucho Fernandez than Ratzinger.

“Your friendship is the air that I breathe and in which I live?” Wasn’t it something like that the Emeritus said to the Francis on his 65th anniversary?

Actually it was worse than that. Addressing Francis: “Your goodness is the place where I dwell and I feel protected…”

Nothing from Ratzinger/Benedict that I’ve ever read or heard has ever sounded like this repellent drivel.

But it sure does have the same creepy, slimy vibe I got from ol’ Archbishop “heal-me-with-your-mouth” Fernandez. But as Frank says, all this is more or less effectively impossible to prove.

Frank continues:

Whether Benedict was forced out or his abdication invalidatedit’s not the most important thing when it comes to the papacy today.

The main issue is that Francis has clearly demonstrated his heresy, and as faithful laymen it is our responsibility to call for his abdication. He is not able to defend the faith, priesthood, or Sacraments, or to canonize saints, or do any of the things absolutely necessary to preserve the Church. It doesn’t matter whether he’s pope or not. He should not be pope. He has shown us he is, in fact, incapable of it.

Pretty much.


12 thoughts on “Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout it…”

  1. pearl says:

    This is late but I feel compelled to make the observation that Ratzinger’s comment sounds remarkably like he is begging for his life – a public boot-licking, if you will, the words of a man who is powerless to defend himself and asks mercy from a tyrant. Notice the turn of phrase…
    “Thank you Holy Father. Thank you for your kindness, that from the moment of your election in every moment of my life here reaches me. I feel it profoundly… Really more than in the Vatican Gardens with its beauty, your goodness is the place where I live and where I feel protected.”

    He also asked Pope Francis to go ahead on the path of divine mercy and asked for a world full of love and life, not DEATH.

    Sinister, no?

  2. Notung says:

    “Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness” (

  3. Notung says:

    Benedict: “Your goodness is a place where I feel protected”
    Tucho: “Heal me with your mouth” (yuck!)

    Benedict: “no breach anywhere” between him and Francis — “new accents, yes, but no contradictions”,
    Tucho: ” Francis wants an open, not a closed Church […] His
    predecessors also wanted a similar Church, but with Francis, it seems to
    be a more accented nuance”. (,d.d24)

    Benedict: Francis “spoke on one side with God and on the other side with the people.”;
    “who is used to always being with people.” Perhaps, Benedict confesses, “I was actually not with the people enough.”
    Tucho: “Those of us who want to be with the people, let’s not stop recognizing the values embodied by this Pope, Francis. These values are not so frequent nowadays”. “Let’s lose ourselves in the heart of the people while trusting the Spirit…” (

  4. Al The Silent Crusader says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, God has turned on the seatbelt sign due to spiritual turbulence. Please return to your pews and fasten your seatbelt, place your kneelers in the upright and locked position. In the event of the loss of sanctifying grace in the narthex, a priest will drop down from the ceiling above you to hear your confession and grant absolution. In the event the bottom falls out of the Catholic Church, the pew seat cushion embroidered with the Immaculate Heart of Mary can be used as a spiritual flotation device until the Rescue Party from Heaven arrives. From all of us in the hierarchy, enjoy your flight!

  5. louiseyvette says:

    Bless you for posting this song. Haven’t heard it in aeons and love it. Brought tears to my eyes, seeing that it takes me back to my insanely happy childhood.

    So much has been lost.

  6. Michael Dowd says:

    Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout it… Well, let us be frank to use an unseemly word,. Hardly anybody but us chickens is talking about it especially the clergy. Why? Because what is happening now are the goals of Vatican II are i process of being achieved which is a convergence of all faiths in the spirit of Christ.

  7. Patricia Shaw says:

    If “Heal Me with your Mouth” was a book on Leech Therapy it would be far less repugnant than the Fernandez work. The title
    reeks narcissism and the photo could double for Caravaggio’s ‘Narcissus at the Source.’ But even ugliness reveals beauty by contrast and demonstrates that it is sacrificial manhood that is supposed to be the stuff of the Priesthood.

  8. Ana Milan says:

    The laity, as far as I can determine, are the only ones calling for the dismissal of this Pope for the evident heresies & blasphemies that keep occurring, the wilful cozying up to infidels & anti-Catholic politicians of the Marxist left & the promulgation of the Islamisation of Europe against the wishes of the indigenous populace. Their efforts have been trampled upon & the NWO Agenda continues without any public intervention by members of the Sacred College of Cardinals. Rumours of background talks taking place are put out to allay public dismay & dissatisfaction but are not worth listening to as no good can come from private meetings. All debate should now be in the open forum, but it suits these predators well to hush everything up & to continue to spread confusion & disenchantment with the CC in order to introduce the NWO. All sections of our leadership are comprised of Marxist/Masonic/Modernists so going along the Canon Law route is not going to extricate ourselves from them & their LGBT & NWO Agenda. Positive & perhaps even illegal action (by CC Law) is required, i.e. withholding funds & even ourselves from NO Churches until this matter is fully resolved – it could take a long time, and for those of us with no other alternative to the NO Church it would be a huge step to take, but what else is there to consider?

  9. Janet Wilkie says:

    Whether Benedict is actually saying these things may be very possible to prove.

    There are people who do linguistic analysis of speech and writing, and can tell with a high degree of probability whether two writing samples, or two speech samples, are from the same person or not.

    Benedict’s words are speech recordings are abundant. The people reading this have a lot of contacts. This would probably be a university contact, or possibly forensics. So if we really want to know whether his purported comments are his, the means are available.

    I know next to nothing about it, but I understand that it involves not only frequency of typical vocabulary, but word arrangement, grammar, use of particles, etc, etc. (For example, I am prone to semi-colons and parenthese.)

    If there are six degrees of separation between you and everyone else on the planet, then you know someone who knows someone who knows someone…for the love of our Holy Church, please start asking.

  10. Evangeline10 says:

    We gave our pastor a letter this morning, after yesterday’s revelations that “there is no other interpretation”. We are in such uncharted waters I certainly don’t know what to do or think, but it appears as if our Bishops and Cardinals are THE only ones to be able to do anything about it. We are sending a letter this week to our Bishop, asking him to be faithful to Christ and the Church and the sheep, and denounce this latest impossibility, the denial of mortal sin as a reality, and the impossibility of the Catholic church reversing itself and encouraging Eucharistic sacrilege by admitting divorced and remarried to Holy Communion. I hope everyone writes such a letter to their priests and bishops. We are pretty helpless in this situation, but what we can do, we should. Our pastor mentioned (positively) this heretical pope at least ten times in his homily. I don’t understand how good priests can act as if there are no problems with this horrible papacy, going on about “mercy” and all. It is a denial of reality for the sake of what, convenience? I know priests have far less clout than Bishops, but my word, who would have thought it would be like this. What a colossal disappointment.

  11. Mike says:

    Coulda done without that picture of Fernandez.

  12. Ursula says:

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers anyone? Who will be next to turn into a pea pod?

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