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I’m not a seer

lastjudgment_5x10I don’t know anything at all about when the Chastisement or the Day of Days is coming. I don’t know who the Antichrist is. I don’t know anything about that stuff.

This isn’t that kind of blog.

It’s Sunday.

Go to Mass, and stop asking silly questions.


2 thoughts on “I’m not a seer”

  1. J says:

    Just what most of us need to read, methinks.

  2. Fuquay Steve says:

    Well that is settled. Short sweet and to the point. If only those same characteristics would apply to our current crop of prelates pronounceations and decrees.

    I must comment on your photos on the other blog….very moving…the challenges are easily evident and the needs are many. The community is in my prayers.

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