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Monthly Archives: September 2016

It’s an old Indian hunting technique

Sam helpfully helps with something that should have been obvious. How does the nun document work together with Francis’ sudden “desperate” interest in making kissy-face with the SSPX? Francis needs to gain control over the SSPX so as to block off any escape route for

“…fomenting considerable polarization…”

I’m not saying that everything I see is a metaphor for the current emergency in the Church. Just a LOT of it. Someone recently noted that the pope’s weird wrecking-ball activities are “fomenting considerable polarization within the Church.” Hah! Yeah, you could say that. At

What you do during a catastrophic earthquake

This is from a history of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri (who’s The Boss) “So, in 1703 a massive earthquake hit Norcia and the Oratory house and church were both destroyed. Then the Fathers who all escaped death, having escaped their ruined house: ‘After

Shake, rattle n’ roll…

This is the page of the Italian seismic authority showing all the recorded tremors since midnight last night for our area. Wherever it says “Perugia,” that means Norcia. The designation is by province and we are in the province of Perugia, but the lat/long 42.79,