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Monthly Archives: October 2016

In Rome and safe as houses

Thank God for friends! This was what I saw when I dashed out of the Grotta Azzura hotel. I didn’t know this video was being made. My first run must have been no more than about two minutes after the quake. I was running to

What’s Up With The Norcia Earthquake?

Hello. One of Hilary’s site admins here. Hilary and friends are ok, but can’t go home – Norcia is severely damaged. They’ve evacuated to Rome, with the kitties, until damage can be evaluated and repairs begun. The devastation is heartbreaking. Please keep them in your

Stay on target

Yes, we had another one. We’re all fine. Most of the stuff that was going to get knocked down by a big earthquake was already knocked down in August. The Basilica of San Benedetto suffered quite a bit more damage, but that is all. No