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Fra Cristoforo: Francis had plans with Clinton to “rehabilitate” Catholic non-negotiables “in a soft manner”

The Catholic TwittFace world is popping and sparking and buzzing and sizzling with this, like an Italian electrical socket.

This anonymous blog in Italian, clearly based in Rome, is the latest coolest thing among the Rome Vatican-watchers. There. Y’all’re running with the cool kids now!

(To head off the inevitable barrage of questions: no, I have no idea who he is.)

So far we’ve only had it in crappy Google-translate English. But a friend has helpfully helped to clarify the details with a good translation from the Italian original.

“Tip-offs III: the great “renewals” of Bergoglio” by Fra Cristoforo

Let me tell you a story. Last Thursday, in a coffee bar in front of the Porta S. Anna (facing Vatican City) a Monsignor (very close to Bergoglio) in his 50s and a layman go for a coffee. The discussion turns to the “dubia”.

The Monsignor, with an “enough” says: “The Pope will never answer the “dubia” of the 4 Cardinals. He will never lower himself to their level. Francis has much bigger plans, which do not stop with Italy. The only hitch during this period has been the election of Trump.

To which the layman replied: “And what has Trump got to do with Amoris Laetitia?”

“He has everything to do with it” replied the Monsignor, continuing: “the aim was to back Clinton, because she has a special relationship with Francis. They’re in frequent contact. And the goal to be reached was that the Catholic Church was to rehabilitate certain “non negotiable” principles in a soft manner, in such a way that the Vatican too would have had strong global political support, which is needed at this time, above all for the big manoeuvres which are coming.”

About this we must agree with the great Assange… read here

The layman even more amazed says: “And which manoeuvres are coming?”

The Monsignor sips the last drops of coffee and says: “But have you still not understood that the vision which you have of the Church has been left behind?

“…But do you not understand that today the Pope is a world leader? That had Ratzinger stayed we’d all be finished. Do you know what the next manoeuvre will be? Precisely the diaconate for women. Because it’s the only way to show our concrete closeness to the Lutherans and Anglicans. And you will see that by November we will have the diaconate for women. Not of course identical with what you think. But it will come very close.”



There it is, in so many words what was said confidentially by the Monsignor of the Secretariat of State.

Now let us take a moment to reflect. Saint Peter’s Square is by this point almost always empty (and ‘Tv 2000’ only films that small group of people crowded together in front of the window.) What do the faithful matter to Bergoglio? From the contents of this conversation it can be inferred that the Argentinean has plans much broader than evangelisation. Often and willingly he has said that evangelisation is a form of proselytism, which is not OK. Just recently he even said that he is worried that in certain congregations there are many vocations.

There you are. He seeks only himself. He seeks to keep the spotlights on himself, and not to tread on anyone’s toes, because he is the LEADER.

And Jesus Christ does not concern him. How unlike St Paul. The Apostle to the gentiles said “we are become as the refuse of the world” (1 Cor 4,9-13) precisely because in first place he put evangelisation. Bergoglio instead, to the prejudice of Christ and of the salvation of souls, wants the first place for himself.

Dear readers, this is the reality. And in a week there will be more appalling news. But I won’t anticipate the press releases.

The reason behind my anonymity is this. I am a priest, but I HAVE TO be anonymous. Otherwise I would no longer have any way of writing these things to you. I have reflected on this a great deal in these last months. But I still cannot reveal myself publicly. I do however still think it important that the faithful “understand” the dynamics which are evolving in the See of Peter. And these discussions at the coffee bar are for me extremely relevant, and in conscience I have to communicate them to you.

Fra Cristoforo

And the question about the “bomb” Perp Francers is preparing for the “whole world” is running around Rome journalist circles. Everyone seems to be talking about “the big one,” though no one knows exactly what it’s supposed to be.

Personally, my money’s on an Ecumenical Council. Vatican III that his buddy Kasper has wanted all these years. But if this is true, there is an even bigger question. Councils aren’t just a happy little get-together. They always have a stated goal. They are called for particular ends.

It might be a good idea to ask ourselves, what could Jorge Mario Bergoglio want badly enough to call an Ecumenical Council to get?

What could he want that he does he not already have?


16 thoughts on “Fra Cristoforo: Francis had plans with Clinton to “rehabilitate” Catholic non-negotiables “in a soft manner””

  1. Gibbons Burke says:

    The False Prophet will have a religion without a cross. A religion without a world to come. A religion to destroy religions. There will be a counterfeit church. Christ’s Church [the Catholic Church] will be one. And the False Prophet will create the other. The false church will be worldly ecumenical, and global. It will be a loose federation of churches. And religions forming some type of global association. A world parliament of churches. It will be emptied of all divine content and will be the mystical body of the Antichrist. The mystical body on earth today will have its Judas Iscariot and he will be the false prophet. Satan will recruit him from among our bishops. [Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen]

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  4. Char H. says:

    “This anonymous blog in Italian, clearly based in Rome, is the latest coolest thing among the Rome Vatican-watchers. There. Y’all’re running with the cool kids now!” — Do you have any comment about this blog post from 2/10/17 stating that Benedict XVI is still the true reigning Pope?

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  7. c matt says:

    Last Council, they invited Proddies as “experts”. Why not invite Buddhists, Hindus, Musloids, Animists and whatever (Wiccans . . . can’t forget the Wiccans) to the sequel? I am sure there is a lot we can learn from them.

  8. Kevin says:

    Antipope. Why is no one but Barnhardt saying the obvious? I suppose like scripture says, there will be a great apostasy.

  9. Steven Cornett says:

    I just read the original article from Google Translate, which you did a great job in translating the idioms.

    The vision of this monsignor in this conversation reminded me of a part of a book I’ve been reading that’s become very relevant in these events, and that is “The Antichrist” by Fr. Vincent Miceli SJ. I think it’s out of print, but I obtained a copy from a shop in a Florida Space Coast flea market – a real pearl in what is otherwise something of a spiritual wasteland.

    One major contribution is seeing Francis through the lens of the parable of Grand Inquisitor of Seville in “The Brothers Karamazov.” Another key to these events is his comments on the Christian Critics proclamation of “the New Christianity,” having five key characteristics:

    1). Anthropocentrism – The center of religion is man, not God. The primacy of God is identical with the primacy of man, and God is only to be found in the face, fortune, and future of man.
    2). Immanence in the World – The Kingdom of God is here, not hereafter. Individual sin no longer matters, but social ills that cannot be forgiven but fought by the destruction of capitalism under the banner of socialism (Laudato si, Evangelium Gaudium, etc)
    3). The New Evangelism – The Gospel true meaning is economic instead of spiritual. It arises from service to the poor; only they and their champions the socialists can understand it. The “rigid” traditional magisterium has had it wrong for 20 centuries, using them to exploit the poor and endow the powerful with a veneer of authority.
    4). The New Ecclesiology – The Church does not exist for herself, but is part of the world (where have we heard that recently). All institutions must be dissolved so that she will serve the world. Authority comes from the faithful of the independent churches who share co-responsibility for the revolutionary church.
    5). The New Passion for Christ – Love, not for Christ as God-Man, but as a “great man” who was the defender and liberator of the poor and overthrower of all corrupt institutions.
    “The Antichrist”, pgs 177-178

    It’s scary stuff, but I guess knowing your history makes the present crisis make sense, as well as much prayer.

    PS: Please pray for Florida, especially for the Space Coast because there is a great need for real evangelization there, and real restoration of the Church.

  10. fuctyion says:


  11. Mary says:

    couldn’t the bomb be the abolition of celibacy?

  12. Evangeline says:

    There is no limit to what a tyrant wants. He is never satisfied, is he? No matter what he gets, there’s always the next thing. And being at the center of the power and drama, is the drug.
    He isn’t going to answer the dubia. I don’t believe a formal correction of any kind is coming. I stopped thinking it would yesterday.

  13. Liam Ronan says:

    I recall that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI once mused on a (now apparently) prophetic work, i.e. Vladimir Soloviev’s, ‘A Short Tale of the Antichrist’. Soloviev was a Russian writer and mystic.

    Pointing to Soloviev’s recounting of the second temptation of Jesus, then-Cardinal Ratzinger, observed in his 2004 book ‘On the Road toward Christ Jesus’:

    “And a phrase of Soloviev’s is illuminating: The Antichrist believes in God, but in the depths of his heart he prefers himself.”

  14. Mark says:

    One world religious organization with Francis at its head He is an apostate pope. He denies the cross which has always been the mark of the demonic.

  15. Isabel says:

    Selling St. Peter’s? Moving the whole show to Argentina, or at any rate, out of Rome? Supposedly, whatever it is (according to another blog) is supposed to affect the entire Church.

  16. Nick H. says:

    And because of Francis’ open hostility to all things Catholic, more and more Catholics, even neo-conservative and novus ordo Catholics, are waking up. If we had Benedict or JPII, it would be much, MUCH harder to show the contradictions and problems in the Novus Ordo Catholic Church versus the Pre-V2 Catholic Church; but with Bergoglio, it is crystal clear for those who have the eyes to see the Truth where he is leading the Church, and it is not towards Christ. Continue to pray for Pope Benedict XVI, who I believe is the true Fatima pope, and pray for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Time to double down in our prayer life and prepare ourselves for the worst.

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  19. Sursum corda says:

    I suppose it’s not insane to speculate that this man may be the false prophet. The fathers taught that the antichrist would be a Jew and Francis certainly seems to prefer them to us filthy, rigid Catholics. Call me crazy, I don’t mind. Like I said, I’m just speculating.

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