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5 thoughts on ““It’s all right. Everyone knows I’m humble. We’ve told them from the beginning.””

  1. Deshawn Washington says:

    SO funny, I’ve watched it several times! Querulous and disillusioned pessimists! Oh! My tummy hurts! Thanks!

  2. Isabel says:

    I don’t know where to begin praising it! This was utterly brilliant!

  3. Catherine Mary Sweeney says:

    Absolutely awesome! Thank you. I so long for the restoration of our Holy Catholic Church.

  4. Fuquaysteve says:

    Hearty har har. The Fuhrer forgot how he crushed the pesky contemplatives. That was too easy for him I guess.

  5. peter says:

    OMG!!!! This is freaking brilliant! Great job!! Unfortunately for those of us who are part of the remnant Church, it’s also scary as hell!!! Thanks for all that you do, Hilary. You are loved and needed!

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