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Five step programme to re-write Catholicism

In the City all day, in conversations with various contacts, so not much from me today.

Except to report on the rapidly growing consensus that the long game is to impose formally onto the existing structures of the Church an entirely new religion.

Over the next nine months look for them to bring in, one at a time (in no particular order):

1) some form of non-canonical female “diaconate” (that we won’t officially call the diaconate, at least not just yet)

2) the mass reinstatement of priests who were laicised in order to get married

3) formalized permission for intercommunion with non-Catholic Christian communities

4) some decree devolving doctrinal jurisdiction to national conferences

5) the declaration of a Council or Council-like assembly of world religious leaders to ratify a pre-written declaration of a global, humanistic, Christ-less Christianity


The latest from Fra Cristoforo:


Tip-offs on Intercommunion, part IV: whether the C9 are hiding something
by Fra Cristoforo

I begin this post by citing for you an article by Sandro Magister, which confirms all the “Tip-offs” about intercommunion with the Luterans (read here)

That was just to tell you that we are not making up what we write. But there’s more. In these days the famous C9 was held, that is, the council of 9 Cardinals of whom we have spoken before. These 9 Cardinals are the “councillors” of Bergoglio. And the press office of the Vatican publishes the contents of these meetings, aside from, however, a topic which seems still to have to stay confidential.

That is “Intercommunion”.

Bergoglio has not managed to attend all the meetings of this C9. It seems that he has not attended only twice.

In one of the meetings in which he participated, the Argentinean Cardinal seems to have “pressed” not only for the reform of the Curia, but also for the “support” of the Commission which is currently working on intercommunion with the Protestants. Now, from what I’ve been given to believe, it seems that by April these Cardinals must meet together again. And that by then a sort of “pastoral letter” must be ready which would begin to prepare the people of God for a liturgical ecumenism; therefore pertaining to intercommunion with the Lutherans.

It seems that it’s a done deal. Without considering the damage which such a thing will provoke. The danger of a schism is I believe already imminent, as indeed Socci has recalled in one of his latest articles (read here)

In the meantime the purges of the Vatican continue. Cardinal Burke has been sent on a mission. Monsignor Negri has been retired in record time. Only the fate of Cardinal Müller is still awaited, which ought to arrive any moment. And it’s as good as done. All the same, it’s strange that just yesterday (at the conclusion of the C9), Burke’s missionary brief was made known. In fact I wouldn’t say it’s that strange! The C9 has spoken about how to reform the Curia and purify the College of Cardinals.

And if some people are still waiting for Bergoglio to answer the “dubia”, I’ll answer just has he – the Pope – answered 15 days ago at a dinner: “THEY’VE GOT ANOTHER THING COMING!”

Fra Cristoforo

10 thoughts on “Five step programme to re-write Catholicism”

  1. Remnant clergy says:

    It’s called the one world religion and the second beast of Revelation 13 starts that, the False Prophet.

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  4. Mara319 says:

    Glad to know the Pope and his supporting cardinals and bishops are more Christ-like than Christ Himself. Holier than Christ, more merciful and more charitable than Jesus.

    It’s the Second Coming, new and improved! And his name is Pope Bergoglio!

  5. Barbara says:

    But wait a minute. Where are the crowds of ‘remarried’ Catholics desperate to receive Holy Communion? In my area they have been doing so for as long as I can remember. This is a ploy. Create a crisis and then solve it with heterodoxy – this is mercy – we don’t want anyone to suffer. Who’s suffering? Not the ‘remarried.’

    Meantime worse things are happening – all to solve manufactured crises like a priest shortage. This is Marxist.

  6. Evangeline says:

    Well I admit, I was waiting not for the Imposter on the Chair of Peter to answer the dubia, no, not that, but for the faithful CARDINALS to do something that resembled anything regarding the issuance of a formal correction to a wayward heretic pope. I mean, I believe that is somewhere in their job description.
    But as of about 48 hours ago, out of the blue, I realized this is not coming. Not now. Not ever. Not even if he held a VIII and declared it was now required men be homosexuals before entering seminary. I probably just gave someone an idea.
    I am now suggesting that Cardinal red be turned into Chicken yellow.

  7. Sursum corda says:

    He must be the false prophet , then. I don’t see any other way around it.

  8. RodH says:

    I don’t think the question here is whether they are headed this direction.

    I think the question is “What will Catholics and Catholic prelates do about it?”

  9. Isabel says:

    Did he really say (in its Italian equivalent, of course), “They’ve got another thing coming?” That’s scary and what’s also scary is that everybody just sat there and listened to him. It is like the parody video of Hitler’s last days. Hopefully last days, in the case of the Argentinian Fuehrer, but unlike Hitler, he’s left an apparatus that will take over even if he is carried off by winged monkeys.

    I think the list of his priorities is right on target, but I think there’s going to be another thing, which will be destroying the link between the Church and Rome. This will be done by abandoning – or ceding to the Muslims – the historical structures that are under his control.

  10. Cesare says:

    I don’t find it difficult to believe that Pope Francis wants to do these things. What I find hard to believe is that he would be so brazen to as to try and accomplish them in the near future. He has been trying for 3 years for to win acceptance for communion for the divorced and remarried. Say what you will about the resistance to his program, it has at least been strong enough that he is reluctant to say plainly what he is trying to do, even though everybody already knows. Even in his exhortation, he has to go through this retarded kabuki theater where he buries what he really wants in some stupid footnote. These things listed above are just as radical, if not more so. He is really going to try to push them through while his first project is still causing so much conflict? I mean I guess I don’t put it past him, but I also don’t see how he tries to do all these things right now without causing a schism of some sort for sure. He’s got to know that, right? I was there that awful night he walked out on the loggia for the first time, and I was pretty sure I knew what we were in store for, more or less. While I haven’t been all that surprised at what’s happened the past four years, I guess I never really thought he wanted to actively provoke a schism. Then again, who am I to judge?

  11. Gladstone says:

    “THEY’VE GOT ANOTHER THING COMING!” Did Bergy do a riff on those hideous Judas Priest lyrics with this one? I can sense an affinity between the music (commercials in the US for that song were inescapable 30 years ago) and infer the same intonation in his words. Funny, I can picture the Pacino-esque launching of sputum as Jorge delivers the line at dinner (cover your bread plate, Fra Cristoforo!)
    (Judas Priest was a satanic rock band of the not-so-great eighties)

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