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For our ever-growing “you don’t have to live like they tell you” files…

‘Nother Orwell’s Picnic post, about restarting civilization, and letting Modernia just rot out.

(I’m certain to get back to Bergugs and the End of the World (TM) soon…”soon-soon”… )



Strength and Virtue – a good place to start again
“Yesterday Annamaria was telling me what sort of fertilizers to put on the tomatoes, and we were in the big garage under my flat where they keep all their contadini stuff. She pointed to a big round basket-y kind of thing hanging on the wall and asked if I knew what it was. In fact, there were two, hanging up together, one made of a big round wooden frame with one side closed in with metal mesh, about 5 feet in diameter; the other smaller made of wicker, looking like giant flour sieves. I said no, and she said, ‘My father the contadino used it when I was growing up.’ Then I realized…”

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2 thoughts on “For our ever-growing “you don’t have to live like they tell you” files…”

  1. louiseyvette says:

    Soon… Soon…

    Anyway, I like your new patch. God bless you in your study and gardening etc.

  2. Linda says:

    Sounds like Annamaria is pleased you came knocking on her door.
    Kindred spirits like that are hard to come by.

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