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On the other hand…

The Plague of Darkness

All our problems might soon be solved all in one big


Fire from the sky? Maybe it wasn’t about what we thought it was about.

And then the long, long winter…

Sing along now…

Hey, I’ve just had a thought! Wouldn’t it be funny if the whole Norcia Quakes thing – the domino effect that has destabilized the entire fault system of the Appenines for nine months now – was just the opening act of the same much larger play?



5 thoughts on “On the other hand…”

  1. Michael Dowd says:

    Maybe it could come in three acts. First Act: Vatican devastated physically (this time).

  2. Martha says:

    Birthday party cheesecake jelly bean boom!

  3. Tina says:

    FWIW you can get the original paper mentioned in the Cosmos News video in Nature Communications (Nature Communications 8, Article # 15312 (2017)). The title of the paper is, “Progressive approach to eruption at Campi Flegrei caldera in southern Italy.” There’s a pdf version on the Nature Communications page. The paper was published May 15, 2017. This is just for anyone who is interested. Italy certainly has it’s share of geological novelties.

  4. Fuquaysteve says:

    Probably as likely as lightening striking the Dome of St. Peter’s. Oh wait…

  5. Andrew Dunn says:

    After the last apparition at Fatima, the miracle of the sun happened so the faithful would believe that the children were seeing the Blessed Virgin. Reports were that the sun spun and towards the end, came crashing down towards the Earth. People in attendance thought the end of the world was coming and started to pray like never before. That was then. Today in much of the Catholic press – including the so-called ‘conservative’ Catholic press (i.e. EWTN post Mother Angelica), we read that the miracle of the sun was basically just a dazzling light show. No it was not! It was a not-so subtle warning that that passage in the Book of the Apocalypse where the angel tosses a fireball to the Earth wasn’t just a little story. We were warned October 13th, 1917 but how many of us today are too naive to understand that warning?

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