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How you like me no-OW…?!

Time for regime change?


The wrecking ball was needed to take down the last of the old large structures, the big old buildings that were dusty and half-falling down. Organizations like the Curial offices that were holding things up and whose resistance has now been effectively neutralized or taken over: the Pontifical Academy for Life and the JPII Institute; the IOR; Divine Worship and Sacraments; CDF; Cor Unum and Caritas under Cardinal Sarah’s attempted reforms; Congregation for Religious and the re-visioning of contemplative religious life for women; the Roman Rota and the new rules for annulment; the “modernization” and “rationalization” of Social Communications.

But the problem the Revolutionaries have is that there are still people around like us. The little guys out here in the big and little pockets of resistance. People like Matthew Festing and the Professed Knights of Malta, the Franciscans of the Immaculate, the Norcia monks, the Anglican Ordinariates, the London and Toronto Oratories, the parish of St. John Cantius, the Norbertines in California and the Augustinians in Lagrasse, the FSSP, Bon Pasteur, and the ICK. There are certain bishops of the JPII/Benedict “old guard” all over Europe, the Americas and Asia who have influence and who have and continue to attract many “conservative” young vocations. There’s noisy guys like Cardinal Zen and quiet ones like Bishops Laun, Rey and Jugis.

And then, there’s Summorum Pontificum, that turned out to be a bigger problem than anticipated: sitting there in the bright sun, digging its roots deeper and deeper every day, flourishing and sending out shoots and vines and flowers that are rapidly developing into fruit.

There’s all that to think about. And for that one doesn’t need a wrecking ball. One requires a Surgeon

“Fresh news: they were saying at breakfast that Parolin is expected to be made Archbishop of Milan and Becciu Secretary of State.”

Read the rest at the Remnant.




4 thoughts on “How you like me no-OW…?!”

  1. Hilary White says:

    There’s something from me coming on this.

  2. John Ashley says:

    You mention the Toronto Oratory in your Remnant article. There seems to have been some wobbling:
    Has the Toronto Oratory lost its Way?

    The comments on the article show that the speaker did not attend but there is no real explanation as to why this happened.

  3. Michael Dowd says:

    Good job Hilary. Steps forward daily.

  4. SAF says:

    I did read the rest at The Remnant. This is more than accurate; I fear it is prescient.

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