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Monthly Archives: June 2017

We have a winnah!!

Mexico City, June 29 (SinEmbargo / RT) .- Italian police broke into the apartment of the former secretary of Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, housed in the palace of the former Holy Office in the Vatican, where a Gay orgy with drugs, reports Italian media. Upon locating


Keep praying, please! Woke up this morning to a thin overcast, which thickened up by 11 to a little thundershower. Not much, but its a big relief all by itself. Temps are down ten degrees. I was out staking up my tomatoes when it started,

Is there a priest in the house?

I have a special request, if there is a priest who reads this regularly. The area we live in is having a mini drought and temperatures have been stuck in the mid to high nineties for a month. This is an agricultural area and the