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Bottom line: “Satan will not see Christ adored”

A friend points out:  “The number of Luthies who kneel is substantial, like in Scandanavia. Francis not kneeling has nada to do with ecumenism.”

I have a dear friend, an old professor down in ______. He’s what you might call the father of the TLM down there. A few years ago, I was at his house sipping bourbon and branch water on his back porch. He’s an encyclopedia on the history of the Liturgical Movement. He knows the personalities of all the vermin like he met them. Anyway, he was speculating on the real motive of behind the nightmare.

I remember he took a sip, furrowed his brow, and said, “It simply comes down to Satan will not see Christ adored. That’s all it comes down to, and all he needed were a couple of willing scoundrels to make that happen.

Pret’much, yeah.



4 thoughts on “Bottom line: “Satan will not see Christ adored””

  1. DJR says:

    There is a Lutheran Church about 300 yards from my house. The congregation kneels for their communion. See the link.

  2. Hilary White says:



  3. Mar says:

    That’s because Satan thinks he is the only one who should be adored. “Again the devil took him up into a very high mountain, and shewed him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them, And said to him: All these will I give thee, if falling down thou wilt adore me.”
    Matt 4:8-9

  4. louiseyvette says:

    You mean Stan.

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