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Oh… Hai, Paganism… long time no hear from…

Bari Cathedral offers us the NewNewChurch liturgy.

It was the summer solstice yesterday. Apparently the sun shines through the cathedral’s rose window way prettier on the summer solstice than on every other day.

So they decided to offer a paraliturgy…

At least in Italy the liturgical ballerinas aren’t lumpy 45 year olds.

… that included a barely-clothed snake-lady, for reasons unknown…


I’m helpfully informed by the history people that actual paganism involved a lot more slitting the throats of animals and looking at their entrails, (which must have made temples smell pretty bad) so I guess Catholic paganism is an improvement. I’m sure animal-sacrifice wouldn’t be so popular with the tourists as the naked snake-lady doing her sexy-dance. (But you never know, right?)

There’s not much more, but you can see the rest here.

Here’s a Google translation of the blurb:

It has always been the festival of light, it is the start of the new season and coincides with the longest day. On June 21, in the Cathedral of Bari, on the occasion of the Summer Solstice, at 17:10 the sun’s rays coincide with the circular image of the rose window designed on the floor before the altar. An event that attracts hundreds of faithful and curious: on this occasion the parish has organized a series of activities and events before and after the event.


You know, another feature of pre-Christian classical paganism – and contemporary paganism in India – was temple prostitutes.

One has to wonder…


A friend who lived there for several years until recently, helpfully helps with useful information:

The idiot in question

The idiot who runs the Bari cathedral is terrible.

He had Muslim prayers in there last year. Shame to spoil such a beautiful Romanesque building.

Ironically 3 min walk from there Don Nicola Bux celebrates the traditional Mass every week. (The age cohort at Fr. Bux’s mass is much younger than the cathedral’s.)


My friend points out that the (beautiful) baldachino in Bari cathedral dates to the times when the area was under constant assault by Islamic invaders trying to conquer and subjugate Europe.

It does rather bring Monsignor Bux’s comments to Ed Pentin the other day into high focus:

“If the Pope does not safeguard doctrine,” he adds, “he cannot impose discipline.”

Seriously, I think we’re a bit past that stage, but thanks for helping.

It strikes me that there’s a sense in which there’s not much point in getting one’s knickers in a twist over what’s going on in Rome.

The farm got sold a long, long time ago.


10 thoughts on “Oh… Hai, Paganism… long time no hear from…”

  1. SAF says:

    And not one person stood up and made a “scene,” or even left quietly, as far as I can see.
    The train-tunnel horror awhile back, with all those politicians in the audience, at least didn’t occur in a Cathedral.

  2. Barbara says:

    Andrew Dunn – don’t pray for them if you really can’t do it. I feel the same way. Like me, you might pray that God’s Awesome Justice be done. We all have the command from Our Lady to pray for the conversion of sinners – we can do that in a blanket way, or pray for the dying. Leave these poor creatures to God.

  3. Jon Kabel says:

    No wonder St. Nicholas has gone to Moscow for summer vacation.

  4. Michael Dowd says:

    And it’s all done with such impunity. And it will no doubt get worse and has in many places. Where is the limit on God’s tolerance? We may find out soon.

  5. Dahveed says:

    That was truly, absolutely heinous and awful. As you said, blasphemy.

  6. Enrico says:

    “At least in Italy the liturgical ballerinas aren’t lumpy 45 year olds.”


    Looking up “il parroco/liturgical explorer extraordinaire”, it appears that mons. Francesco Lanzolla is head of the Family Life office for the diocese as well as the “Secretary for the Pastoral Commission on Family and Life” for the regional (Puglia) conference of bishops. Perfect!

  7. Hilary White says:

    T. Audrey,

    I suppose, but I think this rather fails to grasp the enormity of the offence. This was blasphemy, literally blasphemy in the cathedral, the unseating of Christ in his own house. The people who did this are defiling themselves and the cathedral with idolatrous heathenism.

    Not sure the mild, “Well, they could have celebrated John the Baptist” really gets to the crux of the matter.

  8. T. Audrey Glamour says:

    I agree with what Slvia said. Plus there are so many wonderful truly Catholic Traditions-with-a-capital-T that one could fill up every day of the year with a different one and have some left oover.

  9. Silvia says:

    This is probably a self-answering question, but why are they not celebrating the Nativity of St. John the Baptist instead? It’s got bonfires and lots of interesting stories for the kiddos….

  10. Andrew Dunn says:

    I know this is un-charitable but I have a really hard time praying for God’s Mercy on these people. This whole spectacle is a giant middle finger to the First Commandment.

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