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Cease all anti-social conduct…

I told them to stuff it, so they’ve scolded me again!

This is the world of the SJWs, wagging their fingers at normal people like we’re all in kindergarten. They really do think this is their natural role in society; to correct naughty children.

“If you keep being naughty, we’re going to send you to bed without supper for the WHOLE WEEK.

And yet, I am reminded, this gentleman still appears to get a free pass.

Remember when you were in your hippie “free school” and the teachers liked the bullies?

Something a lot of people don’t know is that Twitter tracks ALL your activities online using cookies – those pernicious little footie-prints we leave all over the net – and they’ve recently said they’re going to be using this to monitor us to make sure we don’t go looking at any “hate sites” while no one is looking. (I’m guessing that would include this one.)

They’ve been tracking us for quite a long time. In December 2013 a site called “Naked Security” told us

Tailored audiences is Twitter’s take on retargeting – a behavioural advertising technique that allows companies to continue advertising to somebody who has visited and then left their website (typically because they visited but didn’t buy anything).

Retargeted ads are the ones that seemingly follow you around – no matter which website you’re on, the same advert appears over and over.

In theory, behavioural advertising is good news all round because advertisers are less likely to waste time and money talking to the wrong people and consumers are more likely to see adverts for things they might actually want.

Unfortunately while consumers get a share of the upside they have the downside to themselves; in order for it all to work somebody, somewhere has to collect, store and analyse lots and lots of information about what those consumers have been doing.

Until recently, Twitter would allow you to opt out – if you knew about it and of course, they weren’t going out of their way to let people know – by clicking a few things on your privacy settings. But I guess too many people objected to being followed around the web, because they recently announced they would be cancelling their “Do Not Track” feature and making your privacy settings “more granular…”

Just now when I went to my privacy settings to see what we have I found this.

It’s an old principle: getting power is difficult; keeping it is easy.



10 thoughts on Cease all anti-social conduct…”

  1. T. Audrey Glamour says:

    “Tailored audiences is Twitter’s take on retargeting – a behavioural advertising technique that allows companies to continue advertising to somebody who has visited and then left their website (typically because they visited but didn’t buy anything”

    Unfortunately the ads still follow me after I have already made my purchase.

    I would like a list of “no no” sites that I could click into and out of, especially if I wasn’t even interested in their stupidity just to throw the tracking off. I keep meaning to do something similar with gmail (not my main personal email service BYW) by using certain “hateful” keywords. Go ahead, throw me in jail. I need a free vacation.

  2. Hilary White says:

    yeah the time-wastey thing was pretty much why I didn’t exactly feel motivated to grovel.

  3. Ken says:

    I jumped ship on 11/20. I have to wait a month for the account to delete. I am on my way to purging all social media sites. They waste too much time anyways. Another thing everyone can do is to edit their HOSTS file if they are using Windows. If you edit it right you can block any website you want. To include advertising websites and servers. Pretty much anything with an IP address.

  4. John F. Kennedy says:

    I prefer jellybeans in the gears.
    (This is a reference to “‘Repent, Harlequin!’ Said the Ticktockman”).

  5. Jay Jay says:

    You threw me a curve ball there mentioning “gentleman” and “Keith Olbermann” in the same sentence.

  6. Patricia Shaw says:

    The new browser, Brave, reduces ads and tracking.

  7. Michael Dowd says:

    Twitter is witlessly creating an open for a competitor.

  8. Hilary White says:

    Someone might want to tell Mike Matt this.

  9. Jane Beaton says:

    When I visit my daughter and connect to her Wi-Fi which is Sky, I cannot access The Remnant “as it is a hate site”!!

  10. David says:

    I don’t remember when I first saw this phrase, it would have been long, long ago in Internet years, sometime in the ’80s for sure, before the Web was a gleam in Tim Berners eye, but it’s still apropos today: “Don’t feed the trolls.” I closed out my Twitter account before they had a chance to kick me off.

    Better to take Pete Townsend’s advice from “Tommy” – “Gonna break it, gonna shake it, let’s forget it better still.”

    Oh, and manage those pesky cookies with extreme prejudice! To the extent of having lots of different browsers for different sites, and wipe the cookies every time you exit them…it won’t be perfect, and it’ll just call you to Their attention, but They already know about both of us, don’t They, and every bit of sand in the gears counts.

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