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What a tease…


The Document of Dooooommm lives!


Well, so much for that.  Same time again next week for the end of the word…

At least we have some useful new data. And yet another demonstration of the Hilary Thesis on the uselessness of “conservatism”.

Ladaria’s a “conservative” all right. And like all conservatives, he’s extremely good at tilting at windmills.

Don’t worry though. I’m sure Jorge still hates us, and we HAVE been more or less promised an actual encyclical detailing precisely how much.


Ladaria the Silent, Ladaria the Absent, suddenly speaks.

So perfectly has Ladaria’s cloaking device been functioning since his appointment in July last year, no one has really even bothered to ask where he’s been. I suppose we assumed that he understood the irrelevance of his dicastery under the New Paradigm…

In all the shouting in the time since the advent of Amoris Laetitia and the New Bergoglian Paradigm, what has rarely been understood is that it is the shouting, the disorder and confusion, that is the point. The fact that everyone is being distracted by the arguing and squabbling is a great deal more important than the substance of the arguments. It’s well documented that Bergoglio is a divide-and-conquer governor, creating rivalries and enmity, factions and divisions, very often through his use of his own private language. He likes to use bizarre and laboured and carefully undefined insults that certainly sound like they mean something, but of course, he’s not telling.

This is what all demagogues understand that their dupes and shills rarely do. This is why it’s pointless to try to insist on this or that definition of his many creative insults. Who are they pointed at? Anyone who gets in his way. It doesn’t matter if you really are a gnostic or a pelagian. It doesn’t matter if these ancient heresies really are resurgent in the lands we used to call Christendom. What matters is that it is now a term that can be used to label an enemy. Words are tools.

As for Ladaria:

“With this innocuous little object, we can glean a few things about him, but mainly that he is not going to be much help.”


Naturally we kind of figured this, but at least now we know. Placuit Deo: “We’re still your dad’s CDF! We’re paying attention, and we’re On The Job!”

As a friend said elsewhere, “Breathelessly awaiting the timely condemnation of neo-Docetism, neo-Marcionism, neo-Arianism…”

And those danged neo-semi-monophysites are getting uppity again!

You can always trust a conservative to defend to his last breath something that isn’t being threatened, and to manfully condemn something no one’s doing.

Meanwhile, we’re still watching the skies, and they don’t disappoint. NASA’s asteroid watch website has a good ‘un today.

You don’t often see them coming closer than six digits. This one is inside the lunar orbit. Keep an eye on the sky tonight and you might see it.