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Pippy update

An afternoon on buses and in waiting rooms later, and we’re OK. The very kind team of vets and trainees were extremely nice to us, and gave him a sonogram. There were no intestinal blockages, but an inflammation of his small intestine that has given him a fever. The thing I was most worried about was that he’d dug a chicken bone out of the bin. It’s Pippin’s life’s work to tip over the bin and find something good, and I’d made chicken soup this weekend.

They gave him a treatment of saline and antibiotics, but said he should be fine. He’s a young cat and normally very healthy and bouncy.

The village vet, Sabrina, was wonderful; she called ahead while we were on the bus and they were expecting us.

I do so love this country!

Many thanks for kind prayers. And thank you, St. Gertrude.


Please say a little prayer to St. Gertrude of Nivelles today.

icon by Jennifer Richard-Morrow

My sweet little Pippin is sick, and the local vet told me to take him up to Perugia’s veterinary hospital as quick as possible. She thinks he might have a blocked bowel, which is life-threatening. I have to take him up on the bus in an hour or so.

Just trying to stay calm. Thank God I’ve got a little money in the bank. Stay calm. Stay calm…