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Euthanising religious life: Vatican’s nun doc and utilitarianism

The latest document on women’s contemplative life – from men who manifestly loathe it – is aimed at either forcing all nuns to conform to the Bergoglian New Paradigm, or getting rid of them.

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Funny you should mention autonomy: Bioethics and the dissolution of “unviable” monasteries
It’s funny that the buzzword of the day in Rome should be “autonomy”. As we shall see, the document is what I’ve called above a “chopping block”. Vultum dei quaerere made it clear that this juridical document would provide a set of legal criteria by which a monastery can be considered viable, religious life worthy of life, so to speak, and that those considered to have failed the test would be closed.

Note the language used here:

“If the situation of incapacity is irreversible, the solution, as painful as it is necessary, is the suppression of the monastery.”

It jogged a memory for me. “Incapacity”… Where had I heard that language used before? Most pro-life observers in Britain will tell you that it was the “Mental Capacity Act” of 2005 that established in British law the concept that a person with permanently “reduced capacity” could be legally starved and/or dehydrated to death by doctors.


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