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Massimo Faggioli & FrancisCrew! Why don’t you want an investigation? Covering for the cover-ups

Mike Matt to Massimo Faggioli, James Martin SJ, Austen Ivereigh and the whole crew covering for Francis:

“If your only response to this list of credible accusations against Pope Francis and some of his men, if your only response is to attack archbishop Vigano you are part of the cover-up.

Otherwise you’d be adding your voice to ours and calling for a full investigation, if for no other reason than to clear the name of your boy Pope Francis.

We all want to see his name cleared by the way. So let’s bring on the investigation.

What are you afraid of?

You don’t want that investigation. You don’t want the truth to come to light because you suspect it will destroy Francis and company. It’ll destroy ‘team Bergoglio’.

Otherwise you’d be demanding the investigation like the rest of us and like all these bishops are now doing.

But you can’t risk that, can you? Because you know this guy. There’s something with this guy. He’s not going to be able to hold up to scrutiny and you know it. And so you’re covering up for him.

But now… Now, if you wanted to shoot this messenger, [Vigano] you’re covering up for the cover-up of predators against kids and against a lot of young men and seminarians, young priests in diocese everywhere. You’re covering for that.

You don’t really care.

I’m sorry. You are now linked to the child molesters yourself…”