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“If you do something for a need, for a joke like this, it’s okay, come on…”

This isn’t exactly a family-friendly site, but I hesitated to post this. I will only link to the video it comes from here. If you’ve got a strong faith and a strong stomach, and a good reason to watch it – like you’re a journalist or blogger collecting data – I’d say go ahead. Otherwise, don’t. Honestly.

I’ve always thought of my work as being a student of human evil – my own first. I can tell you it’s not often you see it so unapologetic, so uncaring, so completely shameless as this.

It’s putting me in an all-bets-are-off kind of mood.


“The deaf-mute are all corrupt and have interests to protect.”

As I said elsewhere, this is probably in a nutshell exactly what most prelates think of the victims. They’re corrupt, (just like we are). Money-grubbers (just like us). Looking for payback on old scores (just like we are), using our little jokes and games from the old days as leverage (just like we do). This is why the gross pervert Danneels told the nephew-victim of his buddy the pervert Bishop Roger Vangheluwe that he should go to confession – probably for having come forward to complain.

Essentially, you see, the victims are just players, using the outrage of stupid dupes, naive and ridiculous people who still, for some reason, expect priests to be decent men, to cry to the press and the courts to get a little money.

And you know what? Maybe it’s true. Being a professional victim of childhood clerical sex abuse certainly seems to have been a good career choice for this guy. And of course a gift to the Damian Thompsons, James Martins and Faggiolis working to normalise homosexuality to “conservatives.”

But if they are “corrupt,” who corrupted them? They were little kids. I’ve seen the small children of hippies – another large demographic of sexual and moral perverts – turn into quite thoroughly disgusting, morally corrupt, sexually precocious little monsters. Why do we imagine I spent my teenage years the way I did? My  mother handed me a copy of this book when I was twelve. What do you think living in a corrupt environment does to a child?

I’ve been covering these men a long time. Very little of any of this has been a surprise. After 20-odd years you get an ear for the kind of things they say and start to be able to anticipate the kinds of things they’ll do. You get a feel – like a psychological profiler – for the mindset, and this is it. This is the kind of dirty minded old men they all are. Some of them have more polished manners and can be trusted to be put in front of cameras. These ones usually become bishops.

And you can’t call it the fault of Vatican II. This is an old fashioned, unreconstructed Italian pervert-priest of the old school. The kind we used to just call “a dirty old man”. This is the kind of guy who went into the priesthood out of convenience in a Catholic culture – among the laity – that just shrugs and accepts it as par for the course. How old is he? He didn’t go to seminary in the ’70s. He wasn’t in a Pink Palace in a US diocese.

This isn’t VaticanTwoism. This has nothing to do with our polemical arguments.

This is just straight up moral decay of a corrupt Church, a system that provides opportunities and life-long cover to men who just like to “unload” into any nearby handy bit of flesh that happens to pass within arm’s reach.

It has to come down. The whole thing – rotten to the core – has to come down. And I don’t just mean the Church.







Deaf-mute kid seems to feel differently.