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The Great Clarifier helpfully clarifies: “Ideology” = the Catholic religion

“Then I told him, ‘We’re looking into it…”

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Deflection: “Ideology” – what it is and isn’t

“It’s all about the Culture Wars.”

In the last couple of days we have seen responses from prominent churchmen of the Bergoglian clique, claiming that Vigano’s attempt to expose their misdeeds is based on “ideology”. On August 27th, we heard from the archdiocese of Newark, under Cardinal Joseph Tobin, who expressed his “shock, sadness and consternation” at the Vigano document, which he said, “cannot be understood as contributing to the healing of survivors of sexual abuse.”

“The factual errors, innuendo and fearful ideology of the ‘testimony’ serve to strengthen our conviction to move ahead resolutely in protecting the young and vulnerable from any sort of abuse, while guaranteeing a safe and respectful environment where all are welcome and breaking down the structures and cultures that enable abuse.

“Together with Pope Francis, we are confident that scrutiny of the claims of the former nuncio will help to establish the truth.”

(By the way, and speaking of innuendo, you wouldn’t like to clarify which specific claims of Vigano’s are “factual errors” – and show us some documentation – would you, Eminence?)

This has been a theme of the Bergoglian pontificate too. Francis has repeatedly excoriated certain always-unnamed prelates for adhering to “ideologies.” Speaking in Colombia in January this year, he did it again, blasting “ever-present temptations of making the Gospel an ideology, ecclesial functionalism and clericalism.” Because he had, as usual, declined to define his terms, we have had a difficult time making people understand what this means.

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