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After Bergoglio, the wasteland

Archie’s last episode in his blockbuster miniseries “Actuating Schism,” packs quite the punchline.

What is going to be the final step in the purge? How are they going to get rid of the last remnants of the believers from the structures of the Church? What did Mad-Dog Maradiaga really mean when he threatened that the purpose of the Bergoglian pontificate was “irreversible change”? What did Cormac Murphy O’Connor mean when he said their candidate was going to “change the Church”?

Pat Archbold has laid out quite the comprehensive map of most of what Bergoglio and his cabal has done in 5 years and 8 months. Specifically about the sweeping changes he has made to the way the Church is governed – “synodality” for me, but not for thee -; her teaching on marriage and the inadmissibility of fornication. On the religious life and ven Scripture and sacraments. Even – God help us – the Most Holy and August Sacrament of the Altar. And very particularly about his centralisation of powers to himself when it comes to the way ordinary Catholics practice the Faith, understand the sacramentality of marriages and pursue religious vocations.

Bergoglio will attack the Mass itself, but he’s not going to abolish it.

It’s going to be much, much worse than that. 

In the fifth instalment, skipping the recap of the first four episodes which you can find here, he puts it pretty bluntly: having herded Traditional Catholics into a few easily-controllable ghettos and stamped it out everywhere else, Bergoglio will attack the Mass itself.

First he will repeal or abolish Summorum Pontificum, rolling back the declaration by Benedict XVI that no priest requires permission to celebrate it. This will end the proliferation of Summorum Pontificum TLMs celebrated by diocesan priests that has become a feature of life mostly in the United States. The Old Mass will only be allowed in the churches run by the fraternities of priests dedicated to it. That’s Stage One.

In Stage Two, once the Trads are all confined to the FSSP and ICKSP ghettos, and maybe a few grandfathered diocesan Mass centres, he’s going to change the Mass itself.

No, not the Novus Ordo. He’s going to change the Traditional Mass, the Mass of Trent, the Mass of the Ages. He’s not going to ban it; he’s going to VaticanTwoify it.

Archie predicts:

The Pope will exercise his legitimate authority to aggiornomento the 1962 missal. Perhaps he will replace the lectionary with the current 3 year one, change some prayers, permit communion in the hand, or some other changes that will shock the consciences of traditional Catholics. They will Vatican Two the TLM. You can hear them now, “The Pope didn’t ban the Latin Mass, he just used his legitimate authority over the liturgy to make it more meaningful.”

So there you have it. Any approved group that resists the changes or complains too loud gets the Apostolic Visitation and is squashed for refusal to submit to the Pontiff. Any diocesan indult community that resists is squashed. And any Catholic who thinks he can go underground and just have masses said in someone’s house? Nope. Individual priests no longer have the right to say the mass. Do it and you have refused to submit to the authority of the Pope. You are a schismatic. So too any bishop. You either accept the Vatican Two boot on your neck or you are a schismatic.

Now Archie admits he’s just guessing, but it’s a pretty educated guess. It’s like sighting down a very straight line.

Is there evidence?

Oh, you better believe it. Because he’s already done it.

Rorate Caeli reported the DAY AFTER he was elected on the condition of the traditional Mass in Buenos Aires after Bergoglio was done with it:

[C]ontrary to what common sense dictates and Ecclesia Dei clarified, Father Dotro [the “chaplain” for the Traditional Mass specifically chosen by Abp. Bergoglio] follows the calendar of the Ordinary Form, reading, therefore, the lessons of this form. But, as he does not limit himself to this innovation, he does not read them, but has them read by the faithful. The modified Mass is therefore left without the Epistle, Gradual, or Gospel.

As informed by the media [as informed above by the Clarin article], on September 16, 2007, the first day in which it was celebrated by [one] who would soon be the Chaplain of the traditionalists, some one hundred people filled the Crypt of San Miguel. […] From the one hundred people who were present in the Mass on the first day, not more than two or three are left… Once a month! Because liturgical “modernism” is not in the interest of the faithful who adhere to tradition. For that, it is enough, and more [than enough], the number of parishes of Buenos Aires that, under the watch of the Cardinal-Primate, do as they please in the Ordinary Form. Father Dotro and his superior, who cannot ignore what is going on, in this way mock traditionalists about whom they should care.

…what was the great and generous application of Summorum Pontificum in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires? One Novus Ordo-TLM hybrid once a month. And, as it happens to any badly celebrated Latin Mass, the number of attending faithful fast dwindled from one hundred to a handful. And, naturally, it was discontinued. So…there is currently not a single actual Traditional Mass strictly according to the 1962 Missal celebrated by diocesan priests of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires. And every priest who tried to truly implement Summorum in his parish – that is, out of their own initiative, without “authorization” from the Bishop – was ordered to stop.

Also, I don’t think they’re done with the NO Mass either.

Remember this?

Italian Liturgist Alleged to be Working on Ecumenical Mass: “Transubstantiation is Not a Dogma

So, they create the New Old Mass by setting a pack of liturgy experts, clerical and lay, onto a committee to see how much damage they can do, “integrating” and “mutually enriching” the Mass by inserting Novusordifications. Then there will be a provisional roll out of the New Old Mass, ordered to be celebrated in all the designated Mass Centres, and watch the Trads run for the hills.

Quite simply, no one will go to it. And Voy-LAH! Mission accomplished: traddies purged. Then they get to say, “Welp, we tried. But those people were obviously just a bunch of schismatics. They didn’t want unity with the pope.” And the instrument of the purge will be shelved, and that will be the end of 2000 years of the Catholic Faith.

Cue mournful wind sound effect over pan shot of utterly empty wasteland, devoid of all life.


The end.