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OK, so, people seem to think I’m antiAmerican. I’m not. In fact, I’m American. My maternal grandfather was from Waco, Texas. So, I’m not just American, I’m the kind of American that all the nancy-boy commies from New York are scared of.

That said, I’m also Canadian. And I think Gavin McInnes should get the Order of Canada.

One of the happiest and most treasured memories of my life was a particular moment when I was bombing down the I5 freeway in my mother’s 1976 Ford Fairmont (bench seats!!) on the way to spend a weekend with friends in Oregon, and I’d turned in to a Wendy’s drive through in Bellingham and got the Huge Special: TWO! (2) of their super-delux burgers with everything – bacon, cheese, mushrooms, more bacon! – a GIANT AMERICAN SIZE FRIES and a supersized Coke, and was in the car, with the radio blasting something like the Bee Gees or the Beach Boys, with one of my GIANT BURGERS in my right hand, steering with my knee so I could let my left elbow sit in a comfortable position out the window and thinking, I LOVE AMERICA!!!