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Mindszenty: the real Catholic anti-communist


Anyone who writes for the Remnant (Chris!) who’s thinking of doing a thing on Mindszenty, back off. He’s mine!

I first was introduced to the great Mindszenty by being invited to an annual conference on him in 2003, which is where I first met the whole world of Catholic anti-communism, and all that goes along with it. I suppose it was one of my early steps into the wild and wacky world I now inhabit. A copy of his memoirs has been gathering dust on the shelf. I’ve been looking for an excuse to dust it off and introduce the New Trads to this man.

I’ve been seeing a lot of comments around about to the effect of “Who?” so I thought this latest little gambit of Pope George the Mad would be a good springboard. The main silver lining of the monstrous Bergoglian situation is that everything he blasphemes, insults, derides and tries to crush comes shining through as an opportunity to teach everyone else what’s really going on.

Who knows what actually goes on in that grubby, twisted and deformed mind, what guddawful Machiavellian reason he has for putting Mindszenty in the queue after having canonised Montini, the cardinal’s chief ecclesial persecutor and ultimate betrayer. But having put the the name back in the headlines, Bergoglio is giving the rest of us an unlooked-for opportunity to explain a few things to an increasingly perplexed and formerly-hoodwinked – and now intensely attentive – lay faithful.

Suffice to say, Mindszenty is perhaps the most important example of White Martyrdom of the modern period, and particularly as the exemplar of the Catholic opposition to ALL the errors and pernicious ideologies – including theological Modernism – of our time.