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Perugia it is, then.

Well, that’s settled. I’ve been charging around, all over Umbria for three weeks – Norcia, Narni, Terni, Citta di Castello – and it’s finally come down to Perugia, and a small place in the country. It’s not fancy. It’s not posh or suburban. But it

Bad news and good news

I got an email from my realtor in Norcia who says my house has been declared “inagibile” by the civil engineers. There’s structural damage that wasn’t immediately evident when I was running about throwing the kitties in their carry-box. This means it’s going to be

Last days

Just some pics. The garden, wildflowers, a hike I took up Monte Patino with some friends days before the quakes started in August, and Norcia’s last  morning. Last days of the Peaceable Kingdom