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Category Archives: The end of the Faith as we know it and I feel fine

Begone Satan! Drink your own poison!

This is a photo of the main strip in Norcia’s centro storico, getting ready for the festa di San Benedetto tomorrow.  It comes off the Twitter page of the Norcia commune. Apparently we’re supposed to be proud that the town is now beholden to the

On the other hand…

All our problems might soon be solved all in one big BANG! Fire from the sky? Maybe it wasn’t about what we thought it was about. And then the long, long winter… Sing along now… Hey, I’ve just had a thought! Wouldn’t it be funny

More art rescue and a very pointed question

#vigilidelfuoco #monumentsmen, i #caschirossi che salvano l'arte dalle rovine del #terremoto. Le immagini eccezionali di oggi a #Norcia — Vigili del Fuoco (@emergenzavvf) November 5, 2016 The vigili del fuoco rescuing precious art works from the ruins in Norcia. But here’s a thing: this