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Category Archives: There’s a war on – stop whining and suit up

“What do we do?” – A militant answer

Continuing on with our series on “Well, what do we do now, Sarge?” posts, we offer this little essay by a long-time reader. Bree A. Dail works in some mysterious analytical capacity for the Department of Defence of the US, and manages a defence consultancy

Game on!

Well, the Cold War has just gone hot. Head of Greek Bishops Accuses Four Cardinals of Heresy, Apostasy and Schism … because they asked him to be clear and say plainly what he meant. LifeSite has been covering some of the reactions from the truly

The conservatives will save us!

From Rorate today, another bishop, in Grenada, Spain has adopted the Buenos Aires directive: “…on the implementation of chapter VIII of Amoris Laetitia, issued by the bishops of the pastoral region of Buenos Aires. This is especially discouraging as Archbishop Martínez has in the past

It can’t be that because that would be bad!

I realize that this is the Queen-of-Spin Nicole Winfield saying this, but I think it’s a relevant point: “Italian Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, another leading conservative, has criticized [Amoris laetizia] as vague and confusing, and denied that it opened the door to Communion, since doing so